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    Default First east coast RoadTrip

    We are a familiy of four arriving in Boston on July 1st and we are planning to spend the time there until the 5th.

    Day 1 (5th): Leaving Boston, direction Niagara, we plan to have our first stop over at Ithaca.
    Day 2 (6th): Continue to Niagara and the Canadian side too.
    Day 3 (7th): ?
    Day 4 (8th): ?
    Day 5 (9th): ?
    Day 6 (10th): Arriving in Washington DC

    Wondering if we should have a stop i Toronto before we continue further south.
    Our plan is to end i Washington DC on July 10th.

    We would like to visit the following locations on the way:
    Harley Davidson Factory
    Amish county

    Any advice on good stop overs?
    We are not the hicking type.
    We do not need 5* hotels :-)

    Our rental car can be brought to Canada.
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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Well, the easy thing is hitting the 3 things you've got listed. The only Harley Factory in the area (York, PA), Amish Country (Lancaster), and Gettysburg are all within the same 60 mile area. I'd probably find a hotel in York that fits your taste/budget and just use it to explore the entire area.

    I don't know if you've got enough time to see Toronto. You will need most of a day to drive from Niagara Falls to Southern PA, and I'd think you'd want at least 2 days to explore those three things. I guess that depends upon how much time you've got planned for DC after the 10th and how early in the day you want to arrive there.

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