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  1. Default Planning a trip based on the lowest speed limits

    Hello! Brand new to the forum and I am posting this as I cannot find anything online to help with this dilemma.
    I drive a 1965 Chevy C20 Truck and am trying to plan a trip. This truck does not like cruising over 65 mph and really prefers 55 MPH. I've taken it out on some of the Interstate Highways here in Texas and it is a terrifying experience to say the least. So the query I have is, does anybody know how to plan a trip based on the lowest speed limits? Ideal situation would be able to find 55 MPH roads to get from Austin to Dallas, for example. Thank you in advance for any replies that show up!

    Jason in Austin

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    Austin to Dallas? That's easy. Just jump on I-35. With the traffic, there's no way you'll even hit 55 mph--it's stop and go all the way to Waco, most days.

    All kidding aside: Texas has some of the highest posted speed limits anywhere--80 mph in West Texas, which means most traffic is traveling at close to 90--so I feel your pain. Stick with the 2 lane US highways, or the county roads, and you shouldn't have too much trouble with people trying to run you over.


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    There's a problem with that - Texas speed limits on rural 2 lane roads are between 60 and 75. You are better off on the multi-lanes in the right lane so you can be passed safely.

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    All true. I saw a school zone in one Texas town with a posted limit of 55 mph. And you're correct--the limit on the two lane highway headed into that town was 70. The Republic of Texas is still independent, in some respects.


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    Default 65 or slower.

    Why would it be terrifying if you drive slower than the speed limit? So long as you are in the right lane, and as glc says, allow others to pass safely, you should not have any concerns.

    During the now almost 200000 miles I have driven on North American roads, I have rarely exceeded 65mph - a speed at which I feel comfortable. Let others fly past as they will, they don't worry me.. So long as you are driving safely, there should not be any concerns.


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    Some Interstates have posted minimum speeds - but I've never seen one any higher than 55.

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