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  1. Default Family Road Trip for Spring Break

    We are thinking of going on a road trip for our spring break (3rd week in April). We have 2 teenage daughters and we live on Nantucket, so our trip would begin with us leaving from Hyannis, Massachusetts. One daugther expressed interest in seeing Niagra Falls. I was thinking it might be fun to head to PA and see Amish country. We have already gone to NH and Vermont quite a bit so hoping for something new. Any suggestions would be welcome!!

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    Either one would be do-able with a full week (7 days). Niagara Falls is about a 10 hour drive from Hyannis. Lancaster is fewer miles, but you need a route that will avoid NYC unless you really want to go there, too.

    To really see Niagara Falls, it means going across the border to Canada. For that, you need passports. If you don't already have them, it's probably too late to apply, because the turn-around was 4-6 weeks, just a few weeks back. Sure, you can see the Falls from the US side, but a complete look is to be had from the Canadian side as well.

    If you are in the Lancaster, PA area, remember one major rule: don't try to photograph the faces of Amish people. If they see your camera aimed at them, they will turn away. It is part of their beliefs.

    Other places that come to mind as part of your journey would include Philadelphia's Historic district, the Finger Lakes area of upper NY state, or DC.


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    Default Some Further Possibilities

    Since you are still in the general planning stages, you might want to look at some of the suggestions in this discussion. If you do decide to include both Niagara Falls and Pennsylvania Dutch country (eminently doable in a week) let us know if you'd also like to avoid New York City, there are ways.


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    Default Have you thought about DC?

    Contact both the NY and PA State tourism offices, and ask for their State maps. Both States publish excellent maps which have most, if not all, the attractions and scenic routes marked on them. It will give you more to think about than a week could possibly cover.

    On the other hand, if I had teenagers, who I assume are in high school, I would take them to DC for a week. It takes at least that much time to see everything there - the national monuments and the Smithsonian sites. They would learn so much about their country, its government and the world and its history. An invaluable education while they are enjoying a holiday.


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