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    Hi, everyone,

    I want to do a 3-day drive from Madison, WI-Seattle, WA. (10 hrs driving/day). Is it a viable plan? I am going to take I-90. Most people choose Bozeman, MT as their last overnight stop. But I had trouble to decide where to stay for the first night. Sioux Falls seems only needs 7hrs driving.....

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    Welcome to RTA!

    It is barely viable. You are looking at 1980 miles, which is 660 miles a day. We normally don't recommend you go over 600 miles a day on a multi-day trip. Dividing the drive into 3 equal days puts your first overnight in Murdo SD and the second night in Bozeman. You are looking at more like 12 hours a day, this is with very minimal stops.

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    It seems as though you have got your times from an electronic mapping program such as Google maps which are pure fantasy in the 'real world' where we need food, rest and bathroom breaks and have to deal with construction and congestion delays. An extra half day would make it more relaxing otherwise follow the advise above.

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