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    I am planning a road trip from Bothell to San Fransisco this week. We plan to start on Thursday Dec 24 early morning an d have made bookings in the hotel for 24 dec night. Please advise the safe road route and the attractions on the way.


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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Assuming this is Bothell WA, the only route you could possibly do to arrive on the same day is to take 1-5 and you will have to forget about any attractions. This is over 800 miles and with just basic stops for fuel, food and bathroom breaks you will be on the road for around 15 hours and it is further than we would recommend you travel in one day to stay alert and safe. I hope you are not travelling with children and the weather is good for you or else it's a no go. If you can get on the road early evening on the 23rd and drive for 3 hours [or so] before finding a motel it would be a much better and safer option.
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    Default The weather will decide.

    Hi, and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    Best check the forecast for today and tomorrow, and choose the route which is least likely to be interrupted by a winter storm.

    If you have already made your hotel booking for the 24th, how come you have not decided on your route. This is at the minimum a day and a half trip, seeing you on the road for around 11 hours, without any time for sigtseeing. Longer if the weather does not co-operate.


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    Default Safe is not possible as you've described

    If I understand your post correctly, you want to make a 850 mile drive in a single day - leaving in the morning, and arriving at a hotel in SF the same night.

    If that's your question, it is impossible to offer a suggestion for a safe route, because there is no way to make this trip safely. It's simply too far to drive in a day and consider the drive to be "safe." As Dave mentioned, your only option is to take I-5 - and without any significant stops you're looking at at least 15 hours on the road - and that's assuming you see good weather.

    Right now - the weather does not look good - as forecasts show at 90% chance of snow across Southern Oregon on Thursday.

    If safety is a priority, then you either need to leave on the 23rd, or cancel your reservation, and plan to arrive on the 25th.

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