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    I am also traveling from Las Vegas through Arizona to Phoenix this winter (we are starting in Los Angeles). I am very interested in what anyone has to offer as far as locations to stop in Arizona with my four children, ages 10–15. We will be in our SUV and I was hoping that we could see the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and maybe even antelope Canyon. However, I do not really know where to stay and/or how long it will take in each place or plant my seed stops we should visit. We have at least three days to make it from Las Vegas to Phoenix. Thank you.

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    Welcome to RTA, 4boyz! I am pretty certain that the moderators will move your query into a thread of its own, but here's my take:

    Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon is about a 4-5 hour drive. If you can get reservations at the hotel in the park, it's wonderful -- but a bit pricey. Otherwise, the next best would be in Tusayan or Cameron (Tusayan is also a bit pricey). For the lower rates, Williams would be the best bet, but it's an hour down a 2-lane road, which makes seeing sunrise or sunset over the Canyon a risky thing. (Deer in the headlights can startle you, especially at 55 mph.) Plan to spend at least a full day to see the Canyon. There's two days.

    You can drive through Sedona on a third day on your way down to Phoenix. It's 2-1/2 to 3 hours from Flagstaff to Phoenix (depending on where in Phnx you are headed, traffic, and weather). Going through Sedona could take a few hours longer, depending of course (once again) on weather and how long you wish to stop and where.

    Antelope Canyon, to my knowledge, requires a tour to be scheduled. It may or may not work with your schedule. It's also a bit off of your planned beaten track, especially with only 3 days.


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    Default Junior Ranger Program.

    A day at the Grand Canyon is about right. You could spend longer, but you will not want to spend less time there. While you are at the GC be sure to get your daughters to take part in the Junior Ranger program. This age appropriate activities program will give them, and you a great appreciation for the park, its history and its future. Besides, girls will get some small souvenirs to take home. Makes the visit to a NP so much more meaningful and the lessons learned will last a lifetime.

    I agree that it is preferred to stay within the NP, but if you can't it is no reason to miss out on a sunset/sunrise, so long as you are prepared to drive 'carefully'. My wonderful experience seeing the sun sink over the canyon is something I will never forget, and the long ride back to Page was carefully executed without any memorable incidents.


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