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  1. Default This week: Las vegas to San Francisco with various stops incl. Grand Canyon!

    Hi Guys,

    We Need HELP! We need ideas for a rute, things to do, things not to do, lodging, any suggestions is welcom.

    We are going to be driving from Las Vegas to San Francisco. Starting in Vegas the 21st of november flying out of San Francisco on the 16th of December.

    For now the only thing we have booked is the flight to Las Vegas on the 21st and the hotel in Vegas on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd.

    We want to stop in the following cities:
    Las Vegas 21st, 22nd, 23rd.
    Grand Canyon
    San Diego (A few days)
    Los Angeles (A weeks stay)
    San Francisco (A weeks stay)

    We are traveling around the world with out a deadline so we are in no rush and do not mind detours, smal roads, history, good food and fun.

    We only need to be end the trip around the 16th to fly to Tampa for Christmas.

    Thank you very much Guys

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    Default A little tweaking to get to see the best of nature's wonders.

    Hi, and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    How long do you plan to stay at the Grand Canyon?

    Be aware that flights/tours from LV to the GC do as a rule not go to the national park. They normally go to the west rim, which is no where near as spectacular as the NP.

    The GC is 5 hours drive from LV. I suggest that you spend at least a full day there, to explore the various sights and to witness a sunset and/or sunrise over the canyon. An unforgettable experience.

    Get onto the NP wesbsite and check for the availability of accommodation within the park. If there are no vacancies, don't give up. People's plans change and cancellations do happen. So check back frequently.

    It may mean taking a day or two from one of your other destinations.

    When in LV see if you can make a day trip to Death Valley NP. An amazing place, and a good time of the year to visit.

    If you are planning to drive the Pacific Coast Highway between LA and SF - highly recommended - be sure to allow two days for the journey. Another amazing view of the best nature has to offer.

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    Default Natural wonders ?

    There are lodging options outside of the Grand canyon NP in Tusayan, Williams and Flagstaff to the south and the Cameron Trading post out of the east side. If you decide to visit some of the other natural wonders while in the west, instead of just the City's then here are a few ideas.

    In southern Utah you will find some beautiful Red rock scenery and National parks such as Zion and Bryce canyon which you could create a loop drive out of Vegas and back again. This would take you through Page AZ which has a few attractions, Lake Powell Horseshoe bend, Antelope canyon for example. Monument valley is not that far from Grand canyon. If you went to SF before LA and San Diego you would have the advantage of driving with the Ocean on your side of the road. Yosemite NP is one of the highlights of the NP's and it can be a wonderful time to visit the valley, but as with any travelling this time of year, keep an eye on weather forecasts and road conditions. From Vegas to Yosemite the favoured route is going through Death valley and over the Tioga Pass [CA120] but that is closed due to snow on the high ground and could now remain closed for the season. You could still detour through Death valley and then head south around the mountains via Bakersfield. If non of that interests you and you plan to drive from GC to San Diego then you could go through Sedona and Oak Creek and drive through Joshua Tree NP with an overnight stop or two.

    It does depend on whether you want to get out into nature with the time you have or spend a lot of time in the City.

  4. Default Modified itinerary

    Thank you very much Lifey and Dave!

    That was some great advise. Now i have read what seams like endless posts on almost the same subject and this is our rute so far.
    I have tried to modify the rute and I very much liked the idea about going the other way round. I have tried not to make to long days as we are only one driver. Have i succeeded?

    Please let me know what you think about this rute guys?
    Also looks like when driving through Monument valley that at some point you have to turn back and go the other way to go to page. Is that true?

    21 Fly from Puerto Rico to Las Vegas

    22 Las Vegas (The LINQ)

    23 Las Vegas (The LINQ)

    24 Las vegas to Grand Canyon south rim.
    On the way: Hoover Dam, Sunset Crater National Monument, Wupatki National Monument*, Desert View Overlook, Desert View Overlook.

    25 A full day at the Grand Canyon

    26 Grand Canyon to Page
    Driving north trough Monument valley then vest to Page.
    Overnight Page.

    27 Page to Zion NP.
    Overnight Zion NP.

    28 Zion trough death valley towards Yosemite NP.
    Through Death valley and then head south around the mountains overnight Bakersfield.

    29 Bakersville to Yosemite Village.
    Overnight Yosemite.

    30 Fullday Yosemite.
    Overnight Yosemite.

    1 Yosemite to San Francisco
    Overnight San Francisco
    End car rental in San Fransisco and rely on Public transportation while in San Francisco.

    2 San Francisco

    3 San Francisco

    4 San Francisco

    5 San Francisco

    6 San Francisco

    7 San Francisco
    Pick up new rental car

    8 Drive San Francisco to Los Angeles
    Overnight somewhere along the rute.

    9 Drive San Francisco to Los Angeles
    Visit Solvang in the way.
    Overnight Los Angeles

    10 Los Angeles

    11 Los Angeles

    12 Los Angeles

    13 Los Angeles

    14 Los Angeles

    15 Driving from Los Angeles to San Diego
    Overnight San Diego

    16 San Diego

    17 Flight from San Diego to Tampa

    I have tried to attach the Rand McNally map.

    Again Thank you very much guys for taking your time reading my post and commeting on it, it is very appreciated.

    All the best,
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    Yeah it looks like is succeed with the map! :)

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    Default Looking good.

    You have the making of a good trip.

    24 Las vegas to Grand Canyon south rim. On the way: Hoover Dam, Sunset Crater National Monument, Wupatki National Monument*, Desert View Overlook, Desert View Overlook.
    Note that the only attraction actually on the way is Hoover Dam. The others would mean driving past the southern entrance and going up 89 from Flagstaff and entering from the east. Where this is often recommended so you can follow the direction of the Colorado river into the canyon, you would be exiting this way to Monument valley.

    28 Zion trough death valley towards Yosemite NP. Through Death valley and then head south around the mountains overnight Bakersfield.
    You really need to break this journey to get the most out of your visit. To get to Bakersfield would be a full day on the road not really giving you anytime from the car in Death valley and probably not enough time to enjoy Zion NP as you would have driven from Page the day before. I would look at Page, Zion and stay in, or nearer to Death valley at Stovepipe Wells or Panamint Springs, and then continue towards Yosemite, perhaps staying in Oakhurst for the night which is just an hour from the south entrance. I think you could comfortably cut back on one night in San Fran to give you more time to enjoy the journey, or even drive through Sequoia NP with an extra night.

    Have you checked the cost of two car rentals compared to keeping one for the whole trip ? It's true you don't really need a car in SF but sometimes one longer rental can work out cheaper, or not much more. That would give you other options while staying in SF, such as driving over the Golden Gate bridge to the Marin Headlands and maybe Muir woods etc. You would have to llok for a hotel that includes parking though as that can be expensive.

    From Vegas you can take 160 to Pahrump and then take Bell Vista Ave north of town to Death valley junction and to 190. It's known as the 'Local's route'.

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