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  1. Default Carolinas in November


    I am planning to visit Charleston, Hilton Head, Myrtle Beach, Asheville during the Thanksgiving week. Would it be too cold then to enjoy the beaches?


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    Default Hard to say

    Whereas it is possible to look up historical data to see what the weather has done in years gone by, it is no guarantee that this year will be the same.

    Maybe keeping an eye on the long range forecasts would be helpful.


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    Default cool for my tastes

    By late November, average air temperatures in the Carolinas should be somewhere around 70. The average water temperatures, however, would be about 60.

    I suspect you won't mind many other people on the beaches if things are near average.

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    Default "Beaches" being the controlling term...........

    .......then sure, late November can be a fine time to enjoy South Carolina's beaches. It's normally not a good time to enjoy the water, as water temps even in the low- to mid-60s is "take your breath away" cold.

    I've frequented the North Carolina and Virginia beaches at and around Thanksgiving many times. They're an increasingly popular destination for families enjoying the Thanksgiving holiday. Expect some company when you go.


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    The beaches south of Cape Hatteras (southern North Carolina and South Carolina) tend to keep their overall warmth into December although the water temps can plunge rapidly with a few consecutive nights of temps in the 40s. Weather being what it is you can probably hit some real nice sunny days in the upper 60s and lower 70s around Thanksgiving down in Charleston, SC.

    As to crowds... probably not like mid-summer, but many families and groups do rent cottages for the long weekend. Folly Beach is a nice relaxed beach town (e.g., dog friendly cafes) and Charleston is a darling city.

    In Asheville, NC... the river is chilly!

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    If you plan on swimming, you might be disappointed, but beach combing will be fine.

    There was a lot of flooding around Charleston recently, so expect some closures and problems there.

    Biltmore should be okay, though they won't have the Christmas decorations up yet.

    I believe that you should be good to go, as long as you don't plan on summertime activities.

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    It will be way too cold to get in the water. The beaches are breezy and might be a bit chilly. A lot of businesses are seasonal and may be cold. Overall, the weather should be relatively mild.

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    Thanks for your suggestions and feedback. No, I'm not planning to get in water, just spend some time at the beach :)
    This is what my itinerary looks like -

    Day 1 - Start from Dallas around 3 pm, overnight in Little Rock, AR
    Day 2 - Full day drive, overnight in Knoxville, TN (any other interesting places for overnight stay?)
    Day 3 - Reach Asheville around noon and spend the day there.
    Day 4 - Leave Asheville around noon, and drive to Myrtle beach.
    Day 5 - Spend sometime in MB, planning to reach Charleston around 4-5pm.
    Day 6 - Full day in Charleston, drive to Savannah in the evening
    Day 7 - Half day trip to Hilton head. Spend rest of the day in Savannah
    Day 8 - Leave Savannah around 2 pm, head back to Dallas. Is it better to go through Atlanta/Birmingham, or Montgomery. Planning overnight stay in Lithia Springs (if going through Birmingham), or Auburn (if taking Montgomery route )
    Day 9 - Full day drive to Shreveport
    Day 10 - Reach Dallas

    Is there something you'd suggest ?

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    Water is still warm for November thus far, 67-70F, and the air temps next week in the mid-70s. Don't give up in wetting your toes and working up a sweat on the beach!

    Be flexible on your Charleston & Savannah itinerary, two fine southern cities. In my book you can visit a golfing community (Hilton Head) anywhere in the USA ;) Between those two southern belles and Asheville you will have a good trip.

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    Most direct way from Savannah to Dallas is I-16 to Exit 27 - GA-358 to GA-96 to US-80 around Columbus to US-280 to I-85 to Montgomery, then I-65 to US-80 West to I-20. Auburn/Opelika would be a logical overnight. Don't stay in Columbus/Phenix City, it's a big Army town and pretty rough around the edges.

    Going through Atlanta and Birmingham adds a lot of excess miles and also throws you into Atlanta's nasty traffic.

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