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  1. Default Driving from Jackson Hole to Denver in January - Need Advice on routes? Thanks

    I am driving from Jackson Hole to Denver because flights are outrageous from JAC to Chicago. I realize storms can hit any time but assuming its not a blizzard which is the safest route from Jackson to Denver... Thank you..

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    If you plan to make this drive in one day, then you've really only got one option, and that's to first get to Moran Junction and then take US-26 down the lee side of the Wind River Range and then US-287 to Rawlins. From there I-80 and I-25 will get you to Denver. At right around 550 miles, that's a full day's drive, but anything else is even longer.


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    When it comes to safety on the road, your choice of route is one of the least important factors. There are few roads anywhere in the US that are dangerous. Your actions behind the wheel, as well as making sure your car is ready for a trip, are both far more important.

    But having said that, I'd use US-189/US-191 down to Rock Springs and then take I-80/I-25 onto Denver. It's going to take you a good 9-10 hours, so you're going to spend an entire day on the road to save money on flights.

    If you're looking to fly to Chicago, I'd be looking at your options out of Salt Lake City, which is about half of the driving distance, and should still have reasonably priced airfare.

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    Default Wyoming in winter

    How this drive goes is purely dependent on the weather, and there's no way to predict the timing and duration of weather front passage at this point in time.

    The Moran Junction/Dubois/Rawlins/Cheyenne/Denver route is fine in good weather, but there are two high passes along the way--Togwotee Pass is 9,658' along US 26 just an hour or so out of Jackson and I-80 crosses Sherman Summit Pass at 8,640' just east of Laramie. Either or both passes are prone to closure for periods of a few hours to a day during intense storms. Also in the potentially "iffy" category is the whole of I-80 from either Rock Springs or Rawlins all the way to Cheyenne. Rock Springs to Rawlins is high desert (6,000-7,000') and Rawlins to Laramie holds elevations between 7,000 and 7,500', plus the aforementioned pass east of Laramie. As a result of such high elevations, I-80 in Wyoming is prone to very high winds, subzero temps, and very heavy snowfall. It is entirely possible that your "one day" trip out and back can morph into an overnight stay as road closures or just plain terrible driving conditions may dictate.

    I'd be much inclined to look to SLC for connections/fares to access Jackson, WY for a fly-n-drive from Chicago. Southwest does a great job and the prices are usually as good as you can find. The SLC airport is on the northwest side of SLC and it accesses I-15 via the I-215 loop/bypass. From there, I'd run up to Idaho and take US 30 to ID 34 to US 89 just inside WY, thence to US 26 to Hoback and on to . Jackson. Resist the urge to go farther north to Idaho Falls, where the route would be ID-33 to WY-22. Teton Pass along WY-22 is at 8,432' and features a 10% downhill grade for about 5 miles on the Jackson side. It feels as though you're driving down a ski jump.


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    Teton Pass along WY-22 is at 8,432' and features a 10% downhill grade for about 5 miles on the Jackson side. It feels as though you're driving down a ski jump.
    Going in the other direction, it's a line of very slow vehicles trying to make it UP that pass, particularly in the sections where there is no passing lane.


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