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  1. Default How much it costs for public storage boxes?

    I have planned a long road trip to Calgary with family. We will start the journey from next Monday. My wife is busy with packing stuffs. Since we don't have children, there will be no one at home until we come back. I am concerned about the expensive items in home. We will put small things in locker but I don't know what to do with our motorcycles. One of my friend advised me to get a public storage box in which I can keep the motorcycles safely. Here at Toronto, companies like Migson public storage offer big storage boxes. But I don't know how much they cost for three weeks. Do anyone here have had used such boxes before? If yes, please share the experience here.

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    Default Why not ring them and ask?

    Hi Emmanuel, and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    Have you thought to call them, and ask them yourself?

    Before I put my van into storage in 2012, I rang many many places to get prices and security information. Then in 2014, in a different State of the US, I did it all again. It is still in storage, out in the open, not under cover. I have been very happy with the facilities and their security. Neither gave me reason for concern.


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    If you're talking about the boxes such as PODS, they run about $100-150 per month. I doubt if they'll let you rent per week. We rented a PODS box to sit out on our driveway during a remodel. However, I will tell you that they are not extremely "secure", sitting in your driveway. They are locked with a padlock that you provide, which means that anyone can come along with a pair of locksnips or a hacksaw. We didn't worry much about that, as all we put in ours were the contents of closets and a few small pieces of furniture. Also to note, PODS brand's roof is a translucent plastic.

    If this were me, I'd go for one of those public storage places. Since they usually have locked gates and an on-site security, they're safer. Price-wise, they are probably around the same. The only reason we didn't use one of these for our remodel was because we didn't want to keep carting loads over to the storage room. Having one in our driveway was more convenient.

    Have you thought about a couple of alternatives: have a security system put into your home. We have never regretted that! Or, have a trusted friend or neighbor check your home periodically while you are gone. If you ever have a pipe break while you're gone, that would be a savings of a different sort, because your trusted friend will catch it soon enough.


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