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    Hello everyone,

    I have recently decided to make a trip to Yellowstone, solo. I have two weeks (14-18 days give or take a few), personal car (Mazda 3). For lodging I was planning on camping as much as possible, not only to save costs but, because I love camping and being in the outdoors.

    I stumbled upon this website and thought you guys might be able to help me out with destinations between, possible camping along the way, etc. Also, I do not plan on taking the same route back. Instead, I want to dip down in the southern direction towards Tennessee before heading back north. I have a passport as well considering shooting up to montreal for a night.

    Any advice, locations, tips? Hobbies are backpacking, mountain biking, 4x4, white water, tubing, hiking, swimming, scuba diving, sight seeing and good beer.

    Thanks guys, I hope to hear from some of you Guru's.

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    Default Eyes, Meet Stomach

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The problem with having a couple of weeks to do a RoadTrip is that while it seems like forever, it can rapidly disappear as you add more and more things to your itinerary. That seems to be the case with your trip. Two weeks might be enough to get from Mass to Yellowstone, see a bit, and get back, but by the time you add Montréal and Tennessee, you've got a bit over ten days worth of just driving. Add in a day in Montréal and just a day in Tennessee, and you have at most just two or three days in Yellowstone for all your efforts. Then you have to remember that you will lose abut an hour each day to setting up and taking down camp and the fact that both activities are best done when there's at least some light out, and you'll have even less time to enjoy all the places you've sent so much time driving to.

    That's not to say that you can't make such a trip, just that you have to rein in your expectations a bit. For our part, there's really not much point in suggesting any locations, especially for such time-consuming activities as white water rafting and mountain biking until we're sure that you understand they will eat into your ability to meet your stated major goals.


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    Default It's all up to you.

    As a solo roadtripper, and camping, you don't have anyone to help you. No one to help pitch the tent, get out the sleeping mats and bags, while you get dinner going. Just as in the morning, there is no one to cook breakfast while you pack everything back up. You will soon find that time will slip away as rapidly as stated above, or even more rapidly. This is made even worse should you strike inclement weather.

    If you head out direct to Yellowstone, maybe along I-90 and US2/I-94 and I-15 there is just so much to see. Study your maps (not electronics) carefully, and you will see the wide variety of attractions along the way. Returning on I-90, the same thing applies.

    Choose from historical, natural and touristy attractions, as well as the wide variety of scenic routes along the way. Often there are great camping spots along scenic routes.

    Five days there, five days back and three or four days in Yellowstone. Do you have your campsites booked in Yellowstone. That might be the first thing to attend to. Sites are limited and much sought after.


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    Head thru grand teton to zion n bryce then head back east

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    Default Alone things take longer.

    With only two weeks and as a solo roadtripper camping, going all the way to Bryce and Zion might end up being a very rushed trip.


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