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  1. Default Aug 1-2 week road trip from Utah- where to go

    The family wants to go on a road trip before school starts again, but have a hard time deciding on locations since we don't want it to be too stressful, but have visited most of Utahs parks and are a little tired of rocks. I'd be grateful for any suggestions for 1-2 week routes with lush and green places with plenty of activities, that is feasible with one main drivers do without feeling like trying to catch a train? I'm not the best with geography, and so don't even know the direction to head to.

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    You may want to consider heading down to Louisiana and go through the bayou country to New Orleans, then head north up the Mississippi River valley. Major cities are Memphis and St. Louis.

    First thing you should do to plan a trip is get some good paper maps and/or a road atlas. It's much easier to visualize where you may want to go with them than on a computer screen.

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    Default Areas to Consider

    As you and your family break out the maps to look at possibilities a few areas that you may want to consider include Yellowstone National Park, the Columbia River Gorge between Oregon and Washington, the Oregon and northern California coast, southwestern South Dakota, and Rocky Mountain National Park. All can be easily reached from Salt Lake City by driving less than a day and a half, offer multiple attractions, and are more than just rocks.


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    Default ....and some more.

    There is quite a difference in it being one or possibly 2 weeks as to where you could go at a relaxed stress free pace. The options mentioned by Buck are among the first that came into my mind [Yellowstone or Oregon, but another suggestion to throw into the hat would be the Sierra Nevada [Yosemite and Sequoia] combined with the Cali coast. [SF, Monterey, Big Sur].

    I think you need to sit down with the family, open a good map and see if you can find one place that you all agree on and build your trip around that destination.

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    If you have two weeks, you'll get to explore more of the areas suggested than with only a week. With a week, draw a circle around your hometown that would be equal to a 750 mile radius, and see what comes up. If you have two weeks, you could easily go 1500 miles one way and still have time to explore. Not knowing where in "Utah" makes it hard for us to really make any reasonable suggestions. If you live in SE Utah, it's different than if you are in SLC, Ogden, or similar.


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