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  1. Default SF to Kentucky-In Classic Cars-Advice on route please

    We are heading to the Tri Five Chevy Nationals in Bowling Green, Kentucky. We are in the San Francisco Bay Area and would like a quick route to Kentucky that's not on the southern route. We will be returning on the Route66 as much as possible. So, our first leg we would like to go straight across as much as possible. Any advice or suggestions?

    Would like to go through Reno possibly stop in Salt Lake City, UT but, I see i80 heads north and we would like to possibly hookup to i70 at some time.

    Plus, any must sees in our journey?


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    Welcome to RTA!

    The fastest route from SF to Bowling Green is:

    I-80 to Lincoln NE
    US-77/NE-2/IA-2 to I-29
    I-29 to I-435 around the NE side of KC to I-70
    I-70 to Wentzville MO
    I-64 to Evansville IN
    US-41 to Henderson KY
    Audubon Pkwy to Byp-60 around Owensboro
    Natcher Pkwy to BG

    This is a full 4 days drive, suggested overnights near Wells NV, Cheyenne WY, and St. Joseph MO.

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    Default The Other 'Classic' Route

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Long before there was a Route 66, in fact before there were any numbered highways in America, there was the first ever tans-continental route, the Lincoln Highway. And that starts in San Francisco, goes through both Reno and Salt Lake City then "straight across as much as possible", and includes some scenic and historic sections such as the old Oregon Trail route along the Platte River in Nebraska. You might also want to consider using US-36 across northern Missouri (as the old Lincoln Highway stays north towards Chicago) and come through Hannibal MO and Lincoln country in Illinois before finally dropping south into Kentucky.


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    I prefer the US routes over the I roads. Many times they can save miles because they will be more direct. Though if you are looking to get there fast I would not count on seeing much on the way East. Stopping to see the sights does not work with getting there fast.
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    Wow, thanks for all of your suggestions. This is a real informative site. So glad I discovered it. It has neat interest spots too. That's what we are looking for.

  6. Default Has anyone travel on US50 from Reno,NV to Utah?

    We are looking to hookup on I70 to Bowling Green from California. Noticed that US50 seems like a more straight shot. Are there multiple lanes and gas stations?
    Thank you.

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    Default The Loneliest Road in America

    Known as 'The Loneliest Road in America' this is a wonderful way to connect up with I-70. Be sure to fill your tank before leaving Reno, as there is very little fuel along the way, and where it is, it is quite expensive.

    It is a great route, though lightly travelled, as you pass over one range after another, with the various valleys in between. All of which seem to have a different characteristic.

    When you hit I-70, be sure to have a full tank when you leave Salina, as you will then have 100 miles without services. That too is a spectacularly scenic trip, as is I-70 almost all the way to Denver.



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    Hwy 50 (the Loneliest Road) though Nevada is one of my favorite routes. This is a two lane highway with a lot to see and do. Grimms point petroglyphs, Sand Mountain, Pony Express stations, old mining towns like Austin & Eureka, Hickison Petroglyphs and you pass right near Great Basin National Park.

    Hwy 50 in California is a scenic drive too. If you decide to take I-80 to Reno, then you can pick up Alt 50 in Fernley, NV I just checked gas prices using GasBuddy and currently Fernley, Fallon & Ely, NV & Delta, UT have gas cheaper than Reno, NV. Austin, NV was a good 40+ cents higher so I would avoid having to get gas there.


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    Between Fallon and I-15, US-50 is not multiple lane. The only gas between Fallon and Ely is in Austin and Eureka, it's not 24 hour, and it's expensive. Between Ely and Salina, I think there's gas in Baker at the stateline and I know there's gas in Delta. The only place along that route with any kind of lodging choices is Ely.

    In the context of the whole trip, taking Alt-50/US-50 from Fernley to I-70 is about 10 miles and at least 1 hour longer than the route I recommended. This would change your overnights to Ely, Eagle CO, and Salina KS, and may require another night on the road in Evansville IN.
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    Again, thank you so much for the information. Because we are in classic cars (55 & 57 Chevys) we won't chance either a breakdown or fuel shortage. I believe the consensus is to stay on i80 to Salt Lake and head south at Laramie into Denver.

    Thanks so much and I'm so glad that I discovered this website.

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