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    I need help... going to visit the grandkids. Leaving Columbus, NY ( Upstate) heading to Rocky mount,VA and over towards Galax,VA just because and then on down to Ladson,SC. I hate I-81, I-95 and any other highways, to many trucks and crazy drivers going 95. I want a nice enjoyable trip and lots to look and goat country would be a nice plus! I was thinking take US 11 out of Binghamton,NY down towards Rocky Mount,VA...not sure yet about getting over to Galax,VA maybe spend the night somewhere around that whole area. Pick up US 601 out of Galax,VA down to US 52 in NC towards Florence, SC onto Ladson,SC. Has anyone traveled these roads lately? Are they nice , no major traffic? Any good suggestions for reasonable clean, safe motels along the way? I have an older 1984 -94 ..can"t remember at the moment..camper.. lol..I would love to drive down in but the old girl putters along at 45-50 sure i can push her harder but she likes cruising along slow. Would we be an elephant in the road? Any other advise? Any better roads to take, I would sure appreciate it! Thanks!

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    I used to live in your neck of the woods, Ithaca to be precise, and had family in the Delmarva area. In addition, having grown up in Delaware, I did my first serious RoadTrips in the Appalachians. I also prefer to use back roads rather than Interstates where/when I can. While the roads you list will work, there are others that I found to be both useful and scenic.

    Starting in New York, I'd suggest that you first head west on NY-80/NY-13 through Cortland to Ithaca and then follow what we used to call the "13/14/15". That would be NY 13 to Elmira, NY-14 into Pennsylvania where it becomes PA-14, and then US-15 south along the Susquehanna River to Harrisburg. Use I-81 to get southwest of Harrisburg but at Carlisle take PA-34/PA-94 through Mount Holly Springs to York Springs and rejoin US-15.

    The central portion of your drive is even easier, but considerably slower, and that would be to use US-340/US-17 to get to Skyline Drive and the Blue Ridge Parkway at least down to Rocky Mount. The big problem with the southern section is that you will have to negotiate the Winston-Salem/Greensboro metro area, but even so I'd use US-220 south from Roanoke, Alt-US-220/Bus-US-220 (the 'old' road since US-220 is now duplexed with I-73) to Rockingham NC, then US-1/US-52 the rest of the way to Ladson.

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    Wow ..Thanks ! I've been reading my old atlas over and over trying to find some good back roads.My dad was a truck driver and knew all the back roads, we could always ask him and he would know the way but he is gone now. One never realizes how much we relied on them and their knowledge before they pass on.I am looking forward to this trip.Have a wonderful day!

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