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  1. Default Driving one way from California to Florida

    Hello everyone! I will be moving from California to Florida in about 2 weeks and I will be driving along with a friend and my dog. I want to take the fastest route and I am worried about the Summer heat. Any advice? Thanks! ca2fl.

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    Welcome to RTA!

    "California" and "Florida" are pretty large states - would you please help us narrow that down a bit?

    If the air conditioning works in your car, you won't have a problem no matter which route you take.

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    I'm going to go along with GLC in welcoming you to RTA and "if the air conditioning works in your car, you won't have a problem". The biggest issue would be the dog, as no matter what route or climate, a dog doesn't usually belong in a stationary car in the summer. My brother and his wife just completed a move with two dogs, and here's what they did (or at least how they talked about handling it):

    For breakfast and lunch, they picked up the meal in a drive-through place, then took it to a rest area to eat. The dogs could be outside on a leash, which they enjoyed. For dinner, they were able to leave the dogs kenneled in their motel room. Not much else they could do.

    There are a few ways to run from CA to FL, depending on where in CA you're coming from. If you narrow it down, we'll help you figure it out. I am in southern CA, and when we headed for Orlando, we were mostly on I-8 and I-10, though we detoured up to the Dallas area to see some friends (via I-20) and then worked our way back south.


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    I made the trek from San Diego to Richmond VA a couple of years back and took the southern route. Arizona, NM, Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee and VA. I've done the northern route as well but the South is definantly less traffic. I never hit a big city and the scenery all the way across was gorgeous...stop to see the rocks in AZ. It was rather desolate when I went as it was at the end of the Summer and kids were slowly returning to school. Make sure you have your AC checked as well as your tires, you don't want to deal with that on the way. Have fun!

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    I'm traveling a similar route during that time frame. I posted about it Here

    I travel very light and would be happy to share costs!


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