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    Default Just wanted to introduce myself and say "Hi"

    Hello all! I just discovered this website yesterday and have already spent hours going through the messages and articles. What a great site! I'm a road trip fanatic. I love to drive. My idea of a dream retirement is to sell everything, buy an RV and just drive. I'm very fortunate to have a job that I love that allows me to travel quite a bit. I've been to 46 states (missing Alaska, Kansas, Vermont and New Hampshire) and 26 countries on 5 continents.

    Unfortunately my (as of very recently ex) wife HATES being in cars so it limited my ability to do serious road tripping. Now that I am no longer involved in that situation, I look forward to doing a lot more of it in the near future.

    Below is one of my favorite pictures I ever took from a road trip. I drove cross-country with just my dog and stopped along the way to take this picture.


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    Default A good plan.

    Yours sounds like a good plan. I was not yet retired though I had reached senior citizen rank when I undertook my first road trip in North America. It was unplanned. It was to attend my son's wedding. Since that day 14 years ago I have covered almost 200000 miles including three trips to AK - one to Deadhorse.


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    Welcome to RTA! Please feel free to jump into any thread where you feel comfortable, or start your own thread about any upcoming trip for you. It's how I got started here, 4 years ago, and haven't regretted a minute of time spent here. I, too, love to plan and go on road trips, and have been going on them for 50+ years, thanks to my parents. Fortunately, my husband feels as I do, and we are looking forward to MY retirement so we can do trips whenever we can, instead of whenever work dictates that I have time off.

    Anyway, welcome aboard!


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