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  1. Default Scranton to California or to Key West Questions

    Hey everyone,

    Sorry for the lack of specificity but we did not think our road trip would be happening until very recently. We are a group of three guys and we were planning on doing a 13 day road trip from Scranton to San Francisco to LA and back. Is this viable?

    We were planning on driving straight out to Chicago out first because we aren't really interested in much in the Northeast as its our home. We are planning on renting a car (if we were to go to California) and leaving this Tuesday. Also, we were planning on camping and couchsurfing and would like to see as many national parks as possible!

    However, I have doubts on whether a trip out West would be as enjoyable as a roadtrip down South due to our time constraints. My friends heart is also extremely set on a trip out West as well, but I would actually prefer a 10 to 11 day road trip as I am starting class on the 22nd and would like some time to recuperate. Our budget is about $750 a person but we are willing to spend $1000 each but probably no more.. Does anyone have any idea what would be a good roadtrip for this situation or whether a California roadtrip is viable?

    Thanks so much!

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    Default Considering the time and budget.

    Hi and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    Both your time frame and budget lean towards a trip south. To go to SF would be a good five day trip without much in the way of visiting any of the great attractions out there. That leaves a mere three days to visit the numerous NPs and SF. You would be spending most of your time driving.

    On the other hand, heading down south could be done in three days maybe stopping now and then at some of the things which interest you along the way. It would give you seven days to really enjoy yourself. Having more than 50% of your trip just driving does not really end up as a holiday. It gets very tiring.

    Go get some good maps of the eastern States or a road atlas, and see what route you would like to travel. If you spend some time looking round the forums you will find there have been many discussions of routes down the eastern States.

    You may find couchsurfing difficult with three of you. I am not aware of many hosts who take more than two guests.

    There is a great hostel in Florida City at which I have stayed frequently. It is both a great hostel, and handy to the Keys, Everglades NP and Miami. You can take a room, or camp in their campground. I am not sure if they still have the policy of pay for four nights and stay for five nights. I feel sure you will like the atmosphere and location.

    Enjoy the planning.

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    Have you checked on car rental costs? If you are under 25 there's a hefty daily surcharge per driver.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glc View Post
    Have you checked on car rental costs? If you are under 25 there's a hefty daily surcharge per driver.
    Yeah we found a rental and it was a little over $1000 including all the surcharges and taxes for 2 weeks. :)

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