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  1. Default Relocating NY to AZ in July

    Hi everyone!
    I was hoping to get a little help from everyone for our upcoming relocation in July. We will be moving from NY to AZ and are trying to decide if a roadtrip is a good option for us. My father will be driving the moving truck out there for us and can tow our car and we can fly OR we could drive our car there ourselves. We have 2 daughters (7 & 3) and 2 cats that will be traveling with us. I'm thinking the best idea would be to drive as far as we can in the mornings and evenings, stopping in the afternoon at different attractions. What would your top stopping points for thay trip be? Thank you!

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    Default First a few questions.

    Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    As I read your post, this trip will be taken by three generations(?)

    AZ and NY are both very large States. Knowing your departure and destination locations would be a great help in answering your questions. How many days would you have for the trip?


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    My father and uncle will be driving seperately on thier own adventure. Myself, my husband and kids will be driving in a seperate car at our own pace. Poughkeepsie, NY to Phoenix, AZ. We are thinking the trip will take 5 days?

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    The trip can be made in 5 days, but that would leave you very little time to actually do some sightseeing. Driving into the evening really isn't a very good idea, you should be off the road around dinnertime in order to keep your body clocks in sync. Try to keep a normal "work" schedule like you would at home, because a cross country trip *IS* work. With young children and animals, you will need to make frequent stops to let the kids get out and run around for a bit.

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