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    Default Minneapolis to Anywhere and back in 5 days - First Timer

    Hey there, lovely Road Trip Enthusiasts!

    I've got Sun - Thurs off next week and in a recent conversation with friends and after reading every possible BuzzFeed article on Solo Road Tripping, I've decided that I (a 20 something lady person) should embark on a solo road trip. I've done road trips before with friends, but never by myself. I have no specific destination to get to, I'm just looking for a new experience. Seeing as I don't have my heart set on any one amazing place to turn around at, I was hoping for the expertise of the all-knowing forum.

    Some key points:
    - I'm a speed tourist. Used to be a flight attendant, so I'm used to seeing whole cities in 5 hr layovers. :)
    - The last road trip was from Minneapolis through South Dakota and the Black Hills to Mt Rushmore and Devil's Tower and back in 3 days. Not my fondest memories pushing that hard on the road, but my companion had a weak bladder and we stopped at pretty much every rest stop on the way. One before that was Vegas to the Grand Canyon and back in a day.
    - I don't care which direction I drive in as long as along the way I can stop somewhere for pie.
    - I just got my oil changed. I thank you for the concern. :)
    - I'm just as happy stopping at kitschy places as I am huge, national monuments. I just want to see ALL THE THINGS!
    - I've got a pretty good tolerance for driving until I need to stop for the night, but I really don't want to push it past 500-550 miles a day.

    I have looked a bit at some of the messages on the forum, and I haven't really found any with an open agenda, so if this is something that is completely off the grid, please let me know. And if anyone has any suggestions for someone with a little trepidation about having to travel solo for a few days, I'd greatly appreciate it.

    Safe travels, all! :)

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    Default Winging it.

    Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    That's my kinda trip. Just hitting the road, without a definite destination in mind. Go to the AAA and get some really good maps of MN and the surrounding States. Look at all the routes, other than interstates, and see just how many scenic routes there are.

    The Great River Road is a wonderful wander through MN and the adjoining States. So much to see and enjoy in the small riverside towns and the larger cities. Head up to the UP in MI and check out the scenic routes there and along the way to there.

    Last year I spent a complete week in southern MN, south of the latitude of the twin cities. Have you driven over and seen the many side tracks along the Historic Bluff Country National Scenic Byway? as well as the many other scenic routes? and the many State Parks in MN?

    Your trip does not necessarily have to take you to some well known landmark, when there is so much richness to be experienced all around you.

    Have a great adventure.


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    I concur with Lifey -- get a set of good maps or a road atlas and start combing them for what appeals to you. Both of her suggestions -- Great River Road and the UP of Michigan -- are great ones. Another one is to go up north to US 2 and head east. After Superior, WI, head north on WI-13 to Bayfield, and back around to Ashland -- a beautiful scenic drive. US-2 will take you to the UP, or you can cut off and take other roads over to Door County, WI (northeast of Green Bay).


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    Thanks for the advice!

    I don't think I've ever driven far south from the burbs - once I hit cornfields for miles I got nervous. ;)
    I'm originally from WI and went to school up in Duluth (and if anyone hasn't been up there, just north by Gooseberry Falls it is gorgeous, and Betty's Pies is the place to stop!) but I've never been to Door County. It's a place that comes up frequently in conversation but for some reason never occurred. I kept thinking I would have to go south to get anywhere, but you might be right with east being the way to go.

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    It sounds like heading east would be a good idea. You'd have two National Parks, in the Apostle Islands and Pictured Rocks that would be possible, and you certainly consider Door County in a loop. Here are some great ideas for the UP from a recent discussion.

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