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  1. Default Traveling from California to Michigan

    My boyfriend and
    I are going to visit family in Michigan driving and sleeping in our truck. We are taking two weeks to do so there and bak. Just curious about routes to take and sites to see along the way, we will have gas money and not much more, so frugality is a must. TIA

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Considering that "California" and "Michigan" are two massive targets, where your best routes could be dramatically different depending upon your exact starting and ending points, no one can really tell you which routes might be best for you. And without knowing what things you might be interested in doing, it's also very difficult for anyone to offer useful suggestions on what you might want to see along the way.

    We can say that from just about anywhere in CA to just about anywhere in MI, you're going to need a bare minimum of 4 days to safely cover the miles each way. Your "sleep in the truck" idea is also problematic, as it is very difficult for 2 people to get adequate rest inside a vehicle, and your places for "free" safe stopping are very limited - basically just truck stops - where you're going to be allowed to park in a well lit area, with plenty of traffic around you. While they may be free, it is expected that you'll spend some money there, be it filling up your tank, buying a meal, or paying for a shower.

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    Default Not much fun.

    Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    Is this a trip of necessity, or a holiday trip? With money for gas, and not much more, you are in for a miserable trip. Most sites to see along the way cost something. What about your budget for good nourishment?

    I would wait till the piggy is a little fatter.


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    Budget trips done for necessity: borrow a tent and a couple of sleeping bags. It's more comfortable to sleep in a tent, perhaps at a state or city park with a campground, than in your truck in a truckstop. We contemplated sleeping in the back end of our truck, till we were trying to figure out where to put our suitcases and such while trying to sleep, and also about ventilation in a camper shell.

    Eating can be done rather inexpensively too. A cooler with some ice, a few eating dishes and utensils, a cook stove and a pot or two, can provide you with food at about the same price as you'd eat at home.


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    Have you got a roadside assistance package such as AAA membership ? Even then you should have some emergency money available incase of the need for repairs on the road.

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