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    Hi All,
    New here...what a great's my question...I have a side business driving cars for mostly snowbird folks....mainly NY to Florida...occasionally to other areas as well....just been booked to do a transport from LA to NYC in early June...trying to decide what route to's the choices.

    1. the 15 to the 70 to 80 all the way to NYC with overnite stops in Richfield, Utah, Denver, Des Moines and Cleveland.
    2. the 15 to 70 all the way thru to NYC with overnite stops in Richfield, Utah, Denver, Kansas City, and Columbus, Ohio.
    3. the 15 to the 40 to the 70 with overnite stops in Albuquerque, NM, Oklahoma City, St. Louis and Columbus, Ohio.

    Not much time for seeing the sights's a Wednesday departure from LA and arriving in NYC on Sunday evening...I enjoy rewarding myself with a nice dinner and then heading to bed for an early start in the morning...I average 10 hours a day driving...I just love the enjoyment of traveling across our beautiful country..thanks to you all in advance!


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    Welcome to RTA!

    The fastest route is 15/70/76/80 with overnights in Richfield, Fort Morgan, Des Moines, and Toledo.

    A good alternate is 15/40/44/70/76/81/78 with overnights in Holbrook, Shamrock, Rolla, and Columbus.

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    thank you...I will research this wishes....all replies welcome.

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    I have done combos of all three routes. GLC's suggestion of the fastest route includes some of the most beautiful interstate scenery in the US: I-70 between Salina UT and Denver, CO. Any time you can include that interstate in your travels, you're in for a treat. Just be forewarned: between Salina UT and Green River UT are 108 miles of no services. No gas, food, lodging, and only a semblance of a rest area that includes porta-potties. Richfield usually has better prices for lodging and fuel (more competition). WestWinds Truck Stop in Green River serves a pretty nice breakfast, or at least it did the last time we were through there.


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