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    hi everyone,
    i am planning to move to san francisco by the end of this months, i was thinking of doing it in two days is that possible? what would be the Budget i would need as i have a wife and a 5 years old daughter ? any tips very welcome
    thank you

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    No, it's not possible to get from Dallas to San Francisco SAFELY in 2 days - and it's really not even close.

    At 1800 miles, you need a minimum of 3 hard days on the road. That's at a pace that requires you to be on the road for at least 10-12 hours for each of those days, and doesn't leave time for hardly any stops other than just quick meals, fuel, and restrooms. It's not a pace we'd recommend when traveling with a family, and it probably won't be very pleasant, especially for the little one - but it's the fastest you could do it without putting your family in danger.

    Your budget is going to depend upon what you are driving, where you are spending the night, what you do for meals, etc. On the low end, with an average sized car and budget motels, you'd be looking at around $500 for those two expenses.

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    Two days from Dallas to SF is too aggressive. I done that trip and can tell you that the difficult part of drive is in California as traffic will be an issue on US99/101 from Bakersfield to SF.

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