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    Hi.. on our first visit to US from UK in June. After Vegas we're spending two nights in Williams to spend a full day in the Grand Canyon . Then driving over 2 days to San Diego. Can anyone suggest the most interesting route and where to spend one night? Don't know weather to go via Lake Havasu or down to Phoenix and Yuma. Hired a mustang for the trip. any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks Si

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    There are several ways to get from Williams, AZ down here to San Diego. One thought, if you are going to drive this in two days, is to take 89A down through Sedona -- beautiful country through there -- then into Phoenix. From there, if it were me (and it often is), get down to I-8 via one of two or three ways. (Either out I-10 west then down AZ-85 south to Gila Bend, where you catch I-8; or, down I-10 east to AZ-347, through the town of Maricopa, to AZ-84 west, to I-8. I take the latter all the time, and it's a decent route.) At Yuma, if you have time, the Yuma Territorial Prison is an interesting historic stop.


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    Default So much to do, so much to see.

    Hi Simon, and Welcome to the Great American roadtrip Forum.

    Since you are staying in Williams for your visit to the Grand Canyon, I would urge you to try and manage to experience a sunrise or sunset over the canyon. It is an unforgettable experience, and definitely worth the drive in the dark either to get there, or get back.

    I assume you know that London Bridge is in Havasu City.... a nostalgic touch of home for you.

    You could also experience the best section of Rte 66 from Seligman (exit 139 off I-40) to Topock (Where the Mother Road meets the Colorado). This would take you through Kingman and the quaint little town of Oatman (where burrows roam the main street). Spectacular country as you go over Sitgreaves Pass. A genuine Rte 66 experience, especially in a Mustang. From Kingman to Topock it's as if you are driving in the 50's. That would be fantastic in a car (almost) from the era.


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    Default Another Possibility (Of the Several)

    As the other responders have pointed out, two days is more than enough time to get from Williams to San Diego and there are several possibilities for a route. But if you've hired a road car and are looking for a RoadTrip, then you might as well avoid the motorways and stick to the roads. Donna's suggestion of AZ-89A south from Flagstaff through Oak Creek Canyon to Sedona is an excellent place to start. From there continue on AZ-89A through Cottonwood, past Tuzigoot National Monument, through Jerome, and on to Prescott. At that point it will be time for some open road through the desert: AZ-99 and AZ-71 to Aguila and US-60 west. After a short bit on I-10, AZ-95 will take you south to Yuma. From there, there's another unavoidable stretch of motorway, I-8 to into the Imperial Valley (below sea level), to get to CA-98 through Calexico, and one last bit of motorway (I-8 again) to CA-94, a very scenic road through some low mountains, which will take you the rest of the way into San Diego.

    Quartzite AZ would be the roughly halfway point and although it does cater more to the RV crowd, you should be able to find some decent lodging there. My wife and I have enjoyed Silly Al's Pizza when we've stopped to eat in Quartzite.


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    Dear Donna, Lifey and AZ, many thanks for your reply. does this drive sound do able? ?...we're staying in Furnace Creek for one night so from there we'll drive to williams but instead of going via Hoover dam we will head to Needles and get on route 66 and follow Lifey suggestions but go East to williams. Can we do that in a day ? 2 nights williams then sedona.

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    From williams will go to sedona, phoenix, blythe, yuma , san diego. Any suggestions for San diego? Would like to go whale watching. Is tijuana worth a visit ? Could we do route 1 to santa cruz and back in a day ? Thanks..

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    Furnace Creek to Williams via Topock, Oatman, and Peach Springs is a bit too much for one day.

    Stay away from Tijuana, it's not safe. You can't make it from San Diego to Santa Cruz via CA-1 in one day, much less do a round trip.

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    As far as San Diego is concerned -- I live here. There is a LOT to do in San Diego; so much that it can take several weeks to see it all. Here's a thread that I started a couple of years ago, about things to see and do here. Within that thread are the links to two separate threads I also started about our Stay-Cations and things we do on weekends.

    Tijuana????? Stay away!!!!!!! It's just *not* safe. Most of us locals with no family south of the border, stay north of the border. And GLC is right -- Santa Cruz is not a day trip from here, not even a one-day trip.


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    Thanks for your comments...

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    I'm from a country that would fit into Arizona so still trying to grasp the we drive a lot quicker too..

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