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  1. Default RV and Niagra Falls March/April

    Planning Rv road trip from Va to Gettysburg then Niagara Falls then Corning then Hershey then Philadelphia and back to VA very end of March/beginning April. How will roads be with weather driving RV? Any roads to avoid? Traveling with kids (9 & 12)and 2 dogs. Where to stay in Gettysburg, Niagara and Hershey? What to see, do, eat? I know it will be cold and possibly snow and that some places are closed, that's why I'm looking for help!

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    Default Impossible to Foretell

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    No one can predict the weather two weeks in advance, so we aren't going to be able to give you specific road conditions either. But with as fast as all that cold/snow in the Northeast is disappearing, I would be more than a little surprised if you ran into any serious difficulties on this RoadTrip. So I'd plan as though you'd see rain every few days (normal) and maybe a day or two where your driving might need to be restricted (unusual but not impossible). In practical terms, that means you can go ahead and make whatever reservations you feel you need to, but understand that - as with all travel plans - nature may dictate otherwise and you may have to cancel the odd reservation while on the road and make alternative arrangements on the fly. As for some specific suggestions for places you, the kids, and the dogs might enjoy along your route(s), check out this discussion from a few years back.


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    If you're driving an RV, I'm assuming you want to stay at an RV park?

    That said, Gettysburg does have a few year-round RV facilities. KOA is open year round (though their pool is not), and I believe Round Top Campground is also open year-round. We passed both when traipsing around Gettysburg this past summer, and they looked fine, though we were staying in a local motel.


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    Default Niagara in early spring.

    The Falls at Niagara have a special attraction in March/April. There is still ice floating in the river, and plunging over the falls. It was early April when I was there, some years ago. Goat Island was still covered in snow, the Maid of the Mist and the Tour behind the Falls was not yet operating, but the visitor centre on Goat Island was open. As was the police station. I've been there in summer, but this early visit was something special.

    It was cold!!


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    Default Off-season camping

    I did a quick search and found a few places that have year-round campground/RV facilities in the Niagara area. I was actually surprised by that a little bit. The weather is starting to improve "up north" but is, as mentioned, unpredictable this far ahead. Still, I'd wager the worst of it is over - at least, I'm hoping it is because I'd like to see a color other than white outside - and you should be okay with your plans. There certainly can be those freak, late-season storms, but I wouldn't let that stop you from pursuing your trip, as long as you can be flexible and able to change plans to accommodate such an event should it occur.

    Watching ice getting thrown over the Falls would be a bit of a guilty pleasure I'd think. Seeing the last vestiges of winter getting pummeled might provide a small bit of satisfaction and a knowing grin that spring was soon to arrive!

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