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  1. Default Road trip ideas in May from Denver


    I am planning road trip with my family starting from Denver - Utah - Yellowstone - Rapid City and back to Denver in the last week of May. Is this stretch doable in 8 days.

    Please can someone suggest the places to see, stay. I will have 2 kids aged 7 so have to plan keeping them in mind.


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    Default Possible, but.............

    Hello and welcome to RTA !

    Where as your plans are manageable and actually look comfortable on paper, you really need 3 to 4 days just to scratch the surface of Yellowstone, the park is huge ! There are many attractions spread out over large distances and the going can be slow, especially with wildlife jams etc. If you were planning on visiting attractions in Utah and around Rapid City you really won't have to much time to spare anywhere and will spread yourself a bit thin. So basically I would look at a couple of days each way and 4 in and around Yellowstone, including the Grand Tetons just south. You could get to Jackson with a full day on the road and then explore the Tetons the following day and make your way into Yellowstone. On the way back you could perhaps spend a night around Cody and make your way to Estes park and check out the Bear Lake area of Rocky mountain NP. I just think that going out to Rapid City is quite a big diversion with limited time.

    Make sure you pack some layered clothing for Yellowstone, it could be quite cold and I would also look at lodgings asap as it is a popular place and only just opening up for the summer season.

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    Default Would the Kids Enjoy...?

    Hiking around boiling cauldrons of smoking mud or sitting in the car?
    Watching fountains of water blast into the air or sitting in the car?
    Seeing the hotel that inspired The Shining or sitting in the car?
    Checking out real dinosaur bones or sitting in the car?
    Walking under bridges made of rock before man existed or sitting in the car?

    This is a case were less is definitely more. Don't just 'get' to great national parks like Arches, Dinosaur, Grand Tetons, Yellowstone and Rocky Mountain; spend time in them at a kid's pace. I totally agree with Dave that trying to include Rapid City is just too much, and would require you to spend far too much of your limited time in the car. Instead, spend a little more time at each of the parks you can get to easily and sign the children up for the Junior Ranger Program at each and every one of them.


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    I would say "doable", but not enjoyable. With the kids, it is a bit much for 8 days in the car, with just limited getting out to look at things.

    I would suggest doing just Utah parks and sights. The National Parks and Dinosaurs. 7 year olds will enjoy. Arches National Park, Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry, Dinosaur National Monument, Trail through Time, and then head back.

    Although Yellowstone is nice, it is more of an adult place in May... too cold for any of the river events. It is really a driving place to wait. Friends' kids thought "nice", but the river rafting was more enjoyable than anything else.

    Rapid City would be the 2nd choice to go see as a destination by itself. Lots to keep kids interested. Devil's Tower, Mount Rushmore, Badlands National Park, Buffalo Bill Historical Park, Chimney Rock, and possibly the Agate Fossil beds on the way back home.

    Good luck in planning your event.

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    Default Be guided by the children.

    Having spent a lifetime travelling with our own children, I would highly recommend that you do this trip at the children's pace. At this time of the year no need to book anything much in advance, so spend as long as they want in the one area before moving on.

    The end result will be that they will have a great memory of the trip. Be sure to get them to keep a journal, writing up each night their memories of the day. You'll find it interesting how these will differ between the children, and from your memories. It will also be a great guide for you to know what the next day should hold.

    Have a great trip.


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