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    Default Road Trip Boston - Buffalo - NYC - Boston

    Hi Everybody!
    I'm Filipe, and I'm travelling from Portugal to Boston on the mid July. I'm travelling with my parents, my wife and my 20months Daughter. We have 3 weeks to spend (at least 4 days we are going to spend it with family near NYC) and we would like to see as much as possible. I read some topics from where, but I still have several doubts.... Our goal is to go from Boston to Niagara falls, then to NYC, and then back to Boston
    First, we don't want to take I-90 btw Boston and Buffalo. We are looking for more scenery roads. What do you guys recomend? I saw where that Ithaca is a must see. We like these old looking towns, Old England style. I also read something about winery's, we like that too (we are portuguese, we like wine!! :D ), and the Catskills Mountains Are they worth seeing?
    Second, the most iconic food along the way?? What and where can we eat something really typical?
    Third, we don't want to make any sleep reservations (except, maybe, the first night, just to be safe). Do you know any cheap and clean places that fit 4 adults and 1 baby?
    Fourth, is my baby going to drive us nuts all the way?? Where can we stop to see things more "baby oriented"? She loves animals.

    Thanks in advance and let me congratulate everybody for the excelent forum/site you have where!! Full of information!!


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    Default Some General Knowledge

    Bem-Vindo! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The areas you'll be driving through, New England and upstate New York are some of my favorite. Be sure to read through all the discussions in those links to get an idea of what's available to you. More specifically, MA-2 (the Mohawk Trail) and US-20 provide scenic alternatives to the autoroutes (Interstates or freeways in the US), but there is almost no such thing as a non-scenic road in that part of the country. Foods you should try locally include lobsters in Boston and the shore areas north of there, clams in Rhode Island, apples and wine in New York, and whatever you find at road-side produce stands during your travels. As for your daughter, use your favorite search engine to explore local (state) parks and petting zoos to find sites that you'd think she'd enjoy the most. And as always, as your plans firm up we can help you with suggestions for specific things to see/do in specific regions.


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    Default For the little one.

    Depending on how old your daughter will be. She may like old Sturbridge village where there are farm animals for the children to pat.

    Boston has an excellent children's museum. Might be a nice distraction for the little one for an afternoon. There is also a duckboat ride out on the harbour, to see the city from the water.

    In Boston try to find accommodation by the commuter rail, so you can leave your car at the hotel and take the train into the city. Parking is hard to find and very expensive.


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    Hi Buck!! Thanks for the fast reply.
    Those MA-2 and US-20 look great and I think they will be the one we will use. 2/3 days btw Boston and Niagara do you think are enough to see the "best of"?
    We are arriving Boston on the 23rd of July and leave on the 13th of August. Do you know if there's any Festival/celebration ocurring during those dates?



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    Hi Lifey, thanks for your inputs.
    In Boston, we have to leave the rented car at the airport, but we would like to stay on a not very expensive hotel with transportations nearby. I was looking online and I see that Boston is a very expensive city, so we need to find something a little far away...



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    Default You're not wrong.

    Quote Originally Posted by Filipe Castanheira Nunes View Post
    In Boston, we have to leave the rented car at the airport, but we would like to stay on a not very expensive hotel with transportation nearby. I was looking online and I see that Boston is a very expensive city,...
    So I take it you will be dropping off your car when you get back to Boston? I know Boston is expensive. When I am there I stay with family and try to avoid buying anything much.

    You don't need a car to get to most attractions, but you will need one to go to old Sturbridge Village, a place my grandchildren love.

    Buck mentioned route 20 through MA, and I heartely agree. But US20 through NY is also a really great route. Especially the eastern section from Guilderland to Madison, through lots of little towns with quaint old European architecture, old churches and lots of small shops. Quite a few sections are now four lanes, so although slower than the interstate, not all that slow. It also takes you right by the finger lakes district... a lovely place to linger.

    Do you need extra visas to go to Canada? The best views of the Falls are on the Canadian side.


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    We would love to do both, but we have to choose one way.... I have to discuss it with my folks.
    Ragarding the visa, everybody tells me that, that the falls look better on canadian side... Is it far, going from buffalo to Canada? About the visas, I will have to ask...



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    Niagara Falls is about 25 miles from downtown Buffalo. The river that the falls are on is the US-Canada border, and there's a bridge just downstream from the falls to cross over. If you decide to cross the bridge, make sure you are permitted to take the car into Canada by the rental company.

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    Thanks for the heads up, we will check with the rental car agency.

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