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Thread: I need advice.

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    Default I need advice.

    My best friend and I are planning to go on a road trip next summer. It's going to be a month-long, and I imagine it'll be closer to 10,000 miles. (We're driving to maine and then down through the southern states back to where we are) We think around 7000$ will be enough for everything, since we have a small car, and we're willing to stay at really crappy motels. But I'm not sure 7000$ will cover 10,000 miles worth of gas, and food for us, and motel rooms.

    I realize I'm not giving very much information, but that's all the info we have at the moment. Right now we just want to earn up enough money to get through.

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    Default Should Do Nicely

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    You've always got to be prepared for simple variation as well as emergencies, but using a couple of simple rules of thumb would suggest that your $7,000 budget should allow you a comfortable month-long trip. For gas, using conservative estimates of 25 mpg and $2.50/gal, I figure you'll need around $1000 for fuel. For food and lodging, I generally use a figure of $150/day for both for two people, which would run you $4,500 for the month. That would leave you $1500 for incidentals such as admissions, tolls, souvenirs and the like. Also note that $150/day for food and lodging for two is not for crappy motels and food ordered solely through a clown's mouth, but covers decent mid-range motels, a single lunch-type meal out in a real restaurant, and food you prepare yourselves for dinner. Most motels these days will supply you with some sort of 'free' continental breakfast included in the price of the room. (Another reason to try to stay at least one step up from 'crappy'.)


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    Default Even crappy motels have a beakfast of sorts.

    Quote Originally Posted by AZBuck View Post
    (Another reason to try to stay at least one step up from 'crappy'.)
    Most crappy motels have a free breakfast. However, even at 'one step up' places breakfast rarely consists of more than coffee with croisants/donuts/pastries. Definitely not a good way to start the day. You will rarely if ever get a decent bowl of (your choice of) cereal with REAL milk/yogurt.

    What I suggest you might like to do. Bring along two (plastic) breakfast bowls and spoons, carry a box of your favourite cereal, and buy milk/yoghurt. (Even if you buy it at a convenience store, it will still be cheaper than paying the extra for a 'one step up' motel.) It will have you set up for the day for less than $2 each day, rather than paying an extra $10 or $15 for motels.

    Every crappy motel at which I have ever stayed has had a fridge and microwave either in the room, or available to guests.

    Be sure to inspect the room before you pay. By law they have to let you. Check not only for cleanliness, but make sure the smoke alarm has not been disabled and that the room has a lock which cannot be opened from the outside - such as a chain lock.


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