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  1. Default Seattle t0 Peioria in Mid-March - What's the best way to travel?

    We are driving a 36' motorhome and towing a car from Seattle to Peoria in mid March. We have looked at traveling I90 in Washington to I84 through Oregon & Idaho and then catching 93 to Vegas and on to Peoria. We are concerned about weather getting through the mountains in Oregon, Idaho and into Nevada. Is this the best route this time of year or are we better off taking I5 south and then cutting off at Bakersfield taking 40 into Peoria?

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    First, I'm guessing you're talking about Peoria, Arizona?

    It's impossible to say what the weather will be, and while it's certainly possible you'd see snow/ice on by taking I-84/US-93, it's also possible to see winter conditions in the mountains along I-5.

    Having said that, while driving a large RV and towing a car, I'd want to stick to the Interstates as much as possible, rather than trying to get around on 2 lane, and at times mountainous, roads. Taking I-5 only adds about 100 miles, and since you'll be able to travel at a higher speed, it shouldn't take any extra time.

    What I don't understand is how I-40 would come into your plans, as that doesn't head into the Phoenix area. I'd recommend bypassing LA by heading east on CA-58 from Bakersfield, but then use US-395/I-15/I-215 get down to I-10 near San Bernardino.

    A professional driver would be required to make 2 overnight stops for safety, and I'd strongly recommend you do the same. Weed would make a good stop for a first night, while Mojave could work for night 2.

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    Thank you for the tips. I think we'll do The California route as reccommended!

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    use US-395/I-15/I-215 get down to I-10
    I'd like to add to this a bit - I'd recommend taking CA-210 off I-215 to get to I-10 at Redlands. The I-215/I-10 interchange is notorious for backups.

    The only non-freeway stretches would be getting from I-5 to Bakersfield (I recommend CA-46 to CA-99 to CA-58), the last few miles of CA-58 before US-395, and US-395 to I-15.

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    Thanks for the tips. This will be our first long distance - we'll see how it goes !!

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