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  1. Default Starting from Southern New Hampshire. Have got 10 days, where do I go?

    Hi guys, I've not embarked on a US based road-trip for quite some time and now find myself tempted to point the car in whatever direction and drive for a few days.

    I'll have company and a 1 year old, both very easy on the road. Backroads are good, as is "middle america". If it's touristy, I'd prefer to avoid it. Is it realistic to drive down to Tennessee/Kentucky and back? Open to ideas.


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    Default Ball's in your court

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The "Where to go" is really the most difficult/impossible questions we get on this forum. The reality is the options are nearly endless, it's basically the first step to starting a roadtrip plan, and no one could possibly know your interests and travel style as well as you do.

    Really, with 10 days, you could practically go almost anywhere in the US or Canada. You could actually drive to the west coast and back in that amount of time. I wouldn't recommend it, because it would mean spending all 10 days of your trip in the car with no time to really do anything else, but it would be possible. Certainly some place like Kentucky or Tennessee would be very manageable. Even Memphis would only require 2.5 days of driving each way, leaving you lots of time to explore.

    If that's an area that interests you, I'd spend some time researching those states. Get out map and look at your options, and of course, also explore the many resources of this (and other) websites. Once you've got a few "tentpole" ideas for places that would be "must see" for you, we can help you put things together and provide additional ideas for stops you might enjoy.

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    What are your interests? You mention backroads, middle America, Tennessee and Kentucky. Scenic? Museums? History? Aviation or space? If we knew a little bit of that (and those of your companion), we might throw out an idea or two that would be more helpful to you.

    Otherwise, open up a map or atlas and see what jumps out at you.


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