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    Default Dallas up to Oklahoma then West till time runs out

    Doing this trip in Mid May 2015. Flying in to Dallas, then driving straight up to Oklahoma. Then heading West, hoping to find some interesting things and people. Any tips appreciated.

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    Default ok

    Welcome Back to the RTA Forum!

    I'm sure you'll find plenty of interesting things and people on your trip, and if you spend a little time looking around this website you'll find thousands of tips and suggestions.

    Having said that, if you want any suggestions specific to your trip, we're going to need a whole lot more information about the details of your plans (who is going, what "heading west" means, how long you'll be on the road, where your trip will end, what kinds of "tips" you're looking for etc) before anyone can provide any meaningful advice.

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    Default Dallas to Oklahoma then heading West till time runs out

    May 2015: Any hints and tips please! Any suggestions that are anywhere near my route appreciated. I like weird stuff, stunning places, intriguing people and odd little ghost towns.

    Flying in to Dallas then driving up to Oklahoma.

    Once there I'm heading West, Amarillo, Albuquerque, Flagstaff, Vegas.
    Might go Wichita Falls, Roswell, then up to Albuquerque, Flagstaff, Vegas and across to LA.

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    Default A Few Ideas

    Quote Originally Posted by steveinuk
    Might go Wichita Falls, Roswell, then up to Albuquerque
    From Roswell, you could head west toward the Sacramento Mountains. In this area you’ll find Lincoln Historic Site, the mountain towns of Ruidoso and Cloudcroft, the Mescalero Apache Reservation, and White Oaks ghost town. Also, White Sands National Monument is not too far away.

    Heading north toward Albuquerque, if you stay east of the Rio Grande, you could hit the back roads and visit the Salinas Pueblo Missions, then continue on to Albuquerque. Choosing a more westerly route, you could go through the towns of Socorro and Magdalena to visit the VLA Radio Observatory.

    You would also probably enjoy the scenic byway that runs from Albuquerque north to Santa Fe known as the Turquoise Trail. Make sure you stop by the Tinkertown Museum.

    Hopefully that’s enough to help you start planning. Enjoy you trip!

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