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  1. Default Christmas driving from Edmonton Alberta to Los Angeles California

    Hi everyone,my family is thinking of driving from Edmonton Alberta to Los Angeles California this coming Christmas. We're thinking of leaving on the 18th of December..We've done it last April but I know its different during winter time. We're using a 2009 Honda CRV. . Any suggestions please if its safe to do so.. thanks a lot!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    People make this drive every day of the year, and it certainly can be done safely. Your own actions, not the weather, will really decide how safe of a trip it is.

    All of the roads you'll be using are main highways. I-15 in the US, as well as the roads you'll use to get down through Calgary to the US border are major roads that get first priority when there is winter weather, so it usually does not take long for them to be in good condition, even after a storm.

    The biggest things you can do to stay safe is give yourself time: this trip needs 3 days to be made safely in good conditions, but you should have a 4th day available just in case the weather turns against you. If there is snow or ice, make sure to slow down, and don't hesitate to get off the road if things get bad. As mentioned, even in the worst storms, just waiting a day is usually enough for plow crews to have the Interstates back in good condition.

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    Thanks a lot for that info.. So any suggestions where are the best cities to stop along the way?. I remember when we drove there last April, we drove from here in Edmonton all the way to Salt Lake City which took us 18hrs because we dont have that much time. Then the following day,we drove straight to LA.

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    Assuming good weather, a 3 day drive would put your overnights around Butte, MT and Provo, UT.

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    Let me just ask that you never try to drive from Edmonton to LA in just 2 days ever again. Doing so is extremely dangerous, and while you may have survived last time, you were putting the lives of yourselves and everyone else on the road in danger. There are reasons that professional drivers are forbidden by law from doing this in any less than 3 full days. If you can't spare more time than that, you need to fly. Saving a few bucks isn't worth risking countless lives.

    Assuming you see good conditions, Helena, MT and Nephi, UT are about as far as you should look to drive in one day and have plenty of hotels to pick from. Again, however, if you do see bad weather, even those would be too far and you'd need to add another night on the road - if you are concerned about safety.

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    Thanks all for your comments. .maybe we'll do it in 3 or 4 days this time.

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