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    Default Are there Mountain Paths in between Fargo ND and Las Vegas NV?

    Here is the route I want to take,

    Anyone know if there are any big mountain passes along this route?

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    Default Not Really

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    First of all, you need to keep in mind that the entire Interstate Highway System is built to specifications that preclude steep grades or tight turns, the two things that most people worry about when driving through the mountains. In fact, if it weren't for the scenery (incredible!) and the occasional slow truck on modest grades, most people today wouldn't even know they were driving through mountains on these roads. There is only one place on your route where you won't be on Interstates and that's between Gillette and Rawlins in Wyoming, and the terrain there is relatively flat with some beautiful scenery including the Laramie Mountains well off to your left and the Granite Mountains well off to your right. But nowhere will you be climbing over or through any significant mountain passes that should cause you concern.


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    I'd be a bit concerned about US-40 and US-189 in Utah - that's a great shortcut to avoid SLC but in bad weather I'd get off I-80 onto I-84 and take that to I-15. I-84 goes down a canyon, 189 and 80 go over the top.

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