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  1. Default Planning to drive from Beaverton,OR to Silverspring MD

    Hi All,
    I am new to this forum.Need some advice and tips from members.I am planning for a drive from Beaverton ,OR to Silverspring, MD in Dec/Jan.I have an option to ship the car or else I have to drive.There are challenges in both the cases.
    Please guide me if I plan to travel.I am driving enthusiast.I am going to drive Nissan,Rouge 2008 Model.The passengers would be my wife and an year old baby.

    Many thanks in advance,

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    Welcome to RTA!

    There are 2 reasonable ways to go - the quickest involves I-80 across Wyoming, which may not be a wise choice in the winter. It's notorious for high winds, blizzards, and black ice. I'll list the route below, if the weather forecast and the road conditions are decent:

    I-84 to I-80 to Davenport IA. I-74 to Indy, I-70 to Washington PA, I-79 to Morgantown WV, I-68 to I-70 to I-270. At a MINIMUM this is a 5 day drive.

    The alternate would be I-84 to I-82 to Kennewick, US-395 to I-90 to Sioux Falls SD. I-29 to KC, then I-70 through Indy as previously routed. This adds 100 miles.

    Either way, allow a whole week to take care of weather contingencies.

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    Default (Some of) The Pros and Cons

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    There really is no single one-size-fits-all answer to your question, so the best we can do s lay out the good and bad points of both options, drive vs. fly/ship. As with most human endeavors, the major 'costs' are money and time, so let's look at those first. The number of people involved (assuming the one-year 0ld is too big to be a lap baby on a plane) argues for driving, while the miles involved argue for flying. Basically, you're looking at around $600 plus shipping costs to fly and around $800 to drive (reasonable gas mileage, motels and meals.) You're actual costs would be somewhat different. Also driving would take considerably longer, five days minimum vs. a single day to fly.

    Now against the bare numbers you have to weigh a couple of intangibles. If you fly, there'd be several days to a week where you'd be without your car in Silver Springs and/or Portland depending on what arrangements you make. And you'd simply be flying over, and not seeing, a large portion of America that you could see on a RoadTrip. Conversely, if you drive, you would have to be sure that your child is comfortable for long periods in the car, really seeing anything on your trip would require more time and greater cost than the numbers I suggested earlier. Also, the fact that you want to do this in winter with possible delays no matter which way you choose to go needs to be factored into your decision somehow.

    So, as you can see, there's no simple answer to your question, only a choice that the two of you need to make based on your own preferences.


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    Flying -- I believe the age for free flights is still "under 2", so if the baby has not attained that special birthday, you can still fly him/her free. But that's with the price of a toddler crawling over your lap. (Ask me next month if I still think that's a good idea.) If you're flying Southwest, they allow you to bring a stroller and car seat right up to the gate, then they stow it for you. They also ask for baby's birth certificate. Yes, expense of two seats on the plane, plus a rental car on the other end for who-knows-how-long.

    Driving -- you can either tote a pack-n-play, or rely on the motels to have a crib available. I gave my daughters the advice of reserving a motel that can guarantee a crib (often a pack-n-play, these days). Toss a small stroller in, too, in case you want to walk from a motel to a restaurant.


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    Appreciate all the responses.This drive is for the job change.So I can claim relocation for both fly/ship or driving.As you said taking the baby in car seat for a longer time can be an issue.I might have to take shorter breaks compared to driving alone.In flight it is going to be hours of struggle.
    Shipping challenge is not sure when the car is going to come so till then need to manage with rental.
    Any recommended car shipment company?

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    Default What does 'The Boss' wanna do.

    As you are a driving enthusiast and expenses are not an issue, then the big question is, do you have the time to make a cross country trip enjoyable ? Wait a minute, on the other hand the BIG question should be, what does the wife [otherwise known as 'the boss' here ;-) ] want to do ? Being a Roadtrip forum full of enthusiasts, I know most of us will find any excuse for a road trip, as long as it suits all concerned.

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    Very valid point is raised.Time is a big concern and my wife is reluctant about the drive plan.Looks like fly/ship option is more feasible option compared to drive.

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    Did a google map search.I am getting the I-84, I-80 [across Wyoming, which could be an issue for weather].I-90 and I-70.
    There is one more option I see from I-84,I-80,I72,I70 - 100 miles more.Basically forking happening at Lincon,NE.!3e0!4e1

    Is there any other map need to be looked into for better idea.

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    Is there any other map need to be looked into for better idea.
    Yep. A good old fashioned paper map. Google just offer their top 2 or 3 choices of what they think is the quickest, but there always far more options than those. A paper map will show you terrain, small towns and much more, giving you a much bigger picture. Once you have studied the map you can always reload Google and drop and drag the blue route line with your cursor to experiment with your options.

    You also have the RTA Map centre in the Members section in the tool bar above which you can use to plot distances and find attractions along your route etc.

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    The google maps output said that I-90 vs I-80 is different by 30 miles. That's insignificant.

    I've used I-80 in winter and I've used I-90. I prefer I-90 both for lower average altitudes and better pavement conditions. I-80 across Wyoming just gets beaten to death by trucks and suffers from wind exposure.

    So if you're driving - I recommend the I-90 choice.

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