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    In the second week of January we are moving from Seattle to Nashville. I have never roadtripped outside of Washington, Oregon, and B.C. before so I am at a loss for the logistics of what routes I should take considering it will be winter and one of our cars doesn't have snow tires, one does and does ok in the snow, and there will be a truck (with 4X4) towing a small trailer. The truck will be heading back solo to WA after the move. What is the most cost effective, timely, and scenic route I should take?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Welcome to RTA!

    Does the car without snow tires at least have a good set of all-season tires on it? If not, buy a new set. You won't need snow tires when you get to TN, but you do need all-seasons.

    The "best" route would be the most direct route using Interstate highways and avoiding known trouble spots. In this case, this would be I-90 to Sioux Falls, I-29 to KC, I-435 bypass around the NE side of KC, I-70 to Wentzville MO, I-64 to I-57 to I-24. As long as Snoqualmie Pass is open and reasonably clear this route avoids most high elevation road issues. I would not take I-82 to I-84 to I-80 because I-80 across WY is notorious for winds, whiteouts, and black ice. This is a 5 day drive in decent conditions. You need to keep an eye on weather and road conditions (a good site for road conditions everywhere is and be prepared to find a hotel to wait things out and/or find a reasonable detour.

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    yes, my tires and the truck tires are current, but the other car will have a better set by january. thanks for help on the route! I'll run it by the others traveling with me :) I figured at least 4 days, so good to know I need to expect more like at least 5. I kept hearing from some friends I should head way south and then over, but you think I'll be ok in January for this route?

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    any good suggestions of stopping points also?

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    Default A common misconception.

    Quote Originally Posted by lbreaksbad View Post
    I kept hearing from some friends I should head way south and then over, but you think I'll be ok in January for this route?
    It is a common misconception that the more southerly routes guarantee a crossing of the Rockies without seeing winter weather. However both I-40 and I-10 are at altitudes which see ice and snow during the winter. It may not be as frequent as the more northerly routes. However, that also means the road crews are less experienced at coping with the situation, and could well mean longer delays.

    As glc mentioned, in winter the best route is always the most direct, so long as you keep an eye on the weather and are prepared with a plan B in case of a winter storm.


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    Stopping points are going to be determined by how far you actually get each day, but breaking it up into 5 equal time segments would get you to the following each night:

    Missoula MT
    Buffalo WY
    Sioux Falls SD
    Columbia MO

    I don't see a need to make reservations. There will be a choice of hotels at or near the Interstate and most will have parking for the truck/trailer rig.

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