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  1. Default trying to choose a route from los angeles to wisconsin this weekend help!!!!

    im moving across america THIS WEEKENDand i am trying to choose a route..... i have two route to choose from .... the southern route going through new mexico arizona going north at st louis i think.... the other route is the middle of the road one going through Colorado (the mountain aspect scares me a bit) i will be driving by myself so safety is an issue.... ANY THOUGHTS??? any advise would be greatly greatly appreciated

    thanks in advance

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    Welcome to RTA!

    Where in Wisconsin, please?

    Mountain driving on Interstate highways should not scare you, Interstate highways are built to very safe standards. What will you be driving and how loaded down will it be?

    I'm showing the fastest route - which should be your choice - to just about anywhere in Wisconsin would be I-15 to I-70 to I-76 to I-80. Which way you go when you get to Des Moines depends on where in Wisconsin. You are looking at about 4 days on the road. Going via St. Louis adds about 150 miles to the trip.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I also wonder where in Wisconsin you are heading. A trip to Milwaukee is going to look a whole lot different than a trip to Eau Claire or Superior.

    I also wonder what you have for available time, especially when you talk about doing this trip on a weekend. When it comes to planning a safe trip, the route selection is one of the least important factors. Having enough time is far more important, as as GLC mentioned, you're looking at minimum of 4 days to get from LA to most of Wisconsin.

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    A former colleague of mine just moved from the San Diego area to Wisconsin, this past August. She and her family took I-15 to I-80 so they could catch Salt Lake City on the way, and they took 5 days to do the drive AND see SLC. They were going to the Eau Claire area. But as both GLC and MWMichael have said, your routing past Iowa is going to depend on where in WI you are going.

    As I told my colleague, "good luck with the climate change". This first winter may be a bit hard on you, if you are used to our mild So-Cal winters.


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