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    Hi all,
    We are looking on taking a trip in an RV from Oklahoma all the way up to Michigan. We are planning on spending most of the time in Michigan driving to all different places. My mom thinks that in an RV we wont be able to go through a lot of places in such a big RV. Has anyone ever done an RV trip through Michigan and have any suggestions or tips?
    Thanks in Advance!

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    Default They go most places a standard rental car can.

    Hello and welocme to the RTA forums !

    I have done RV trips but not through Michigan. However I have nevr found them to be too restrictive and that includes the mountains in Colorado. The one thing you should consider is that an RV is rarely a cheaper option than a car and hotels by the time you add all the associated costs with RV rental up. This would include higher gas consumption, campground fees and mileage charges, but if there are 4 or more adults sharing the cost who would want sperate Motel rooms then it becomes more even with a car and Motels. First and foremost though it should be a Lifestyle choice.

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    You posted this in "Fall and Winter Road Trips" forum, which leads me to the question, When is this planned trip? If you are actually going to travel when temperatures regularly get below freezing for more than an hour or so, at night, an RV is not going to be the right vehicle. First, the systems (water and sewer) have to be winterized -- i.e. shut down to prevent freezing and breakage. That means blowing out the pipes and putting some chemicals through it, not something you want to have done every other day just to be able to use it. Also, many RV's are not well insulated, and some of them have downright LOUD furnace blowers.

    That said, though, my parents drove an RV around Michigan a number of years ago and encountered no issues other than with RV parks either being full or non-existent. (These were listed in a brand new directory but had never opened for the season. This happens occasionally!) They traveled in the summer, though.


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