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    Default NY to Chicago or anywhere in between!

    Hi all,

    My wife and I are looking for a ride out of NY headed to Chicago on or around the 11th of October.
    Happy to pay our way in gas, we do however have a surfboard....

    Damn surfboard is the reason we are looking for a ride, got bus tickets through mega bus and found out in the fine print that popped up after buying a pair of non refundable tickets that they won't let me on with it.

    Anyways its a long shot but it never hurts to ask!


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    Perhaps you should try shipping the surfboard, maybe with a service like UShip. I don't think you'll need it in Chicago, at least not in October!

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    Default Let travellers know.

    One of the best ways to pick up a ride out of NYC is to put up a detailed notice at one of the hostels. By far the best place to do this is at the HI on Amsterdam Avenue. With over 600 beds, and always full, it has more folk going through it than any other

    Works best if you have a local phone number. It is seven years since I stayed there. At that time they had a good system for matching travellers with rides.


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    Hi guys and gals, its been a while since I've been on here!
    We ended up shipping the surfboard to California and using megabus to get to Chicago, cost $30 each bloody good really. Drove through the night I even got a decent sleep!

    We have been on the hunt for a van every day. Looked at a couple but they are pretty rusty here thinking of heading to Oregon next

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