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    Driving from Denver to Boise with my son next week and wondered what the best route was from Denver to Salt Lake City. Assume I70 west vs i80? Better to take i70 all the way to I15 and up to Provo or take 191 to 6. Assume the latter is more scenic. Decent roads though?


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    "Best" depends upon your goals. How much time are you planning for this trip? The shortest/fastest way would be to use I-80, and even that is well over 800 miles. We really wouldn't recommend trying to do this in one day - safety laws prohibit professional drivers from even attempting such a drive. Despite what online mapping programs will tell you, such a drive will take you around 16 hours when you factor in just the minimum stops for food/fuel/rest. As a one day sprint, you might be able to pull it off, but if that's what you're thinking you have no time to even consider any other routes.

    If you do have more time, then I-70 is a delightfully scenic route. US-6 is a quality road and would save you more than 150 miles vs taking I-70 all the way to I-15. Even if you were thinking of taking I-70 farther west, US-50 at Salina would dramatically cut down the driving distance, although that's still quite a bit farther than US-6.

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    Perfect thanks. 6 it is.

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