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    Hi everyone. We are flying into Vegas for a week this october. We went to see a lot. From las Vegas we wanted to see the grand canyon. From there we want to go to up the coast of California and end in San Francisco. Does anyone havesuggestons on a route? Is this to much to accomplish in a week?

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    Default A week ?

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    This shouldn't be a problem, although it's not clear whether you have a week to include your stay in Vegas and SF or whether it's a week for the roadtrip alone. From Vegas you would need to head to the Grand canyon and spend at least one night. To see the scenic section of the coast without going into LA, you could then head towards Cambria and up through Big Sur to Monterey. If you have a full week of travel you could consider heading inland to Yosemite for a night. If you have a few days in Vegas before the road trip you could always travel out and back to the Grand canyon south rim with an overnight stop and then drive through Death valley to Yosemite and then down to Cambria.

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    Hi! We have a week for the whole road trip. Do you know how it is to camp on the pacific coast? We were thinking of trying to camp while driving up the coast to save some money.

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    I haven't camped along the coast, but I would start by checking out the State parks along the route. Someone may be along with a personal recommendation but until then a search will produce results of whats available.

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    I'm not sure exactly what you're asking when you want to know "how it is to camp..." but I would keep in mind that if you're only planning to camp for a night or two, it may not be worth it.

    Obviously, camping requires more gear - at the very least a tent and some sleeping bags - and that can be a hassle, especially on a fly/drive trip. Certainly, it can be done, but when you factor the cost of baggage fees on planes these days, it may not really be a money saver unless you were going to camp for most of your trip.

  6. Default Road trip Grand Canyon to San Francisco

    Hey everyone! I posted a little whole ago and got some great advice. Now for round two. We have about 11 days to go from the Grand Canyon to San Francisco. I have a rough itinerary. Let me know what you all think:
    Tuesday 9.30 fly into Phoenix and drive to Grand Canyon sleep there
    Wednesday 10.01 -Thursday 10.02
    Las Vegas
    Friday 10.03-Saturday 10.04
    Sequoia and Death Valley
    Sunday and Monday 10.05-10.06
    Las Angeles
    Tuesday and Wednesday 10.07-10.08
    Drive up coast to San Francisco
    Thursday and Friday 10.09-10.10

    If anyone has any hotel recommendations or tracks that we should go on, please write as well. It is our honeymoon so we want to have a great time and I appreciate all the help.


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    Default You'll have a great time !

    If you are finishing your trip in SF then it would be a little better to head to Yosemite from Monterey and then back to SF. As you arrive at the NP's you will be given information leaflets and maps and the Rangers love to talk about their favourite spots in the park. To get some ideas before leaving, visit the parks website at and then if you have specific questions just ask. You can't beat staying within the parks but that is not the budget friendly option,a gain check the website for costs or check out surrounding towns.

    From Phoenix you could carry on up US89 and enter the park from the east kiosk where you will travel near to the natural path of the Colorado river as it makes it's way into the main canyon.

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    Do you have to fly out of San Francisco? It would make much more sense to fly out of LA.

    Your route then would be, drive to GC as suggested above, exit via the south entrance and head to Death Valley, through Yosemite to SF and down the coast to LA. It would be a more efficient route. As well, you would have the ocean and all the scenic view points on your side of the road as you drive the coastal highway, making it much easier to pull in and out.

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