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    Default driving from Wisconsin to Florida on the back roads

    I am driving from Madison, WI, to Gainesville, FL, next week. I want to take the backroads of scenic American, not freeways!!! Can anyone suggest a good route. Time is no issue!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    If you really have no time limit, and you aren't taking the freeways, then your options for potential routes are in the billions, when you consider all the US, State, and County highways between WI and FL.

    Do you have any places you'd want to visit? Preferences on the type of terrain you want to pass through? While you say time is no issue, do you have some idea of how long you want to be gone? Are you thinking 4-5 days, a week, a few weeks? Giving us some direction will help others start to narrow down some possible options for you.

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    Default Before There Were Interstates

    There used to be, and still is, a system of highways that crisscrossed the nation. Known variously as the US, National, or Federal highway system, these were in fact just state highways given a systematic and unified set of numbers to make it relatively easy to follow a route through several states. Those roads still exist for the most part although some (US-66 for example) have been completely superceded by the Interstate System, and others are duplexed (share the same roadway) with Interstate Highways for various portions of their length. The single most useful of those US roads for your purposes is US-41 which passes just east of Madison (well, Milwaukee) and just west (within 20 miles) of Gainesville. As Michael suggests, get out your maps and try to follow that road to get an idea of roughly where you'd be going. Then start looking at a corridor 50-100 miles wide on either side of that road to see what's available to you for sites to visit. Then, and only then, start connecting those dots with roads you'd like to use. One final hint: Many maps will indicate a scenic road by green dots or dashes running parallel to it.


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