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    Default First US Road Trip - 3 Weeks NYC Loop - Looking for advice on what to fit in

    Hi, This will be our first trip to the US from the UK and will be flying in and out of New York, staying 4 days and then picking up a motorhome/RV. Me & husband and possibly 19 yr old in either May or September. We have been camping in UK for years & undertaken some European road trips in the past.

    Current thoughts are:

    New York City - 4 days to see the sights

    Washington DC - plan to stay in RV Camp and take train into Washington and see the sights,

    then move up to Niagara Falls - It looks advisable to break this drive somewhere but not sure where best

    Go somewhere in Finger Lakes - Watkins Glen

    Adirondacks - Go up to Lake Placid? or is that too far?


    Cape Cod - Whale Watching Trip

    See some Lighthouses on trip back to New York

    Any advise welcomed - best places to see, we'd like to see & experience a variety of things along the way, this loop seemed to give some city stops, some lakes, mountains and touristy elements. We don't want to be driving all day every day and want to have some moseying time along the way. We love the water, the more places you can swim the better. When we go to Greek Islands we have been known to go down every road on the map to see the beach at the end, but the distances are a bit more daunting in the US and we need some help in our planning.

    thank you for your time
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    Default Some Idea Resources

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    As I'm sure you'll appreciate, that section of the country draws a considerable number of tourists and RoadTrippers due to its historic nature and scenic beauty. So it has been the subject of numerous discussions here inn the past. Rather than repeat them all (and risk forgetting some sites) let me instead start you off by pointing you to a few of those past conversations:

    Washington to Niagara Falls
    Niagara Falls to Boston
    New England

    If you have more or different questions after reading through those, by all means ask them and we'll do our best to address your specific concerns.


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    Many thanks I will review further & return with more defining questions


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