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    Default Dallas to DC to Boson and back to Dallas

    Hi! I have two weeks to vacation and want to go all the way to Boston from Dallas. My sister is in DC, so I'd like to go through there. Any ideas on what route to take?

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    Default Always Think in Terms of Alternatives

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    One important thing to remember about any RoadTrip to a destination and then returning back home is that there is no need (usually) to use the same route in both directions, and a great advantage to using different routes: You get to see so much more. So... the route I would normally recommend between Dallas and Boston would not go through Washington (or New York, or any other major city in the Northeast Corridor). Another important consideration is that, by the most 'efficient' route, Washington is about two and a half days from Dallas OR just about a day's drive from Boston, so that might figure into you plans on whether to stop in DC on the northbound or southbound leg of your trip. So let's describe two possible routes. The first will be the most direct (with an option or two) and the second will be a more relaxed, scenic route.

    The direct route, including Washington, can be driven in about three and a half days total, plus whatever time you spend visiting your sister. Described northbound, this would just be I-30 east out of Dallas to Little Rock, then I-40 past Knoxville to I-81 north and I-66 into the DC area. From DC to Boston you have a choice. You can fight your way up the Turnpikes (Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, George Washington Bridge, New York Thruway, and Massachusetts) following I-95/I-91/I-86/I-90. That would be an expensive, enervating, frustrating day. Having done it, I don't recommend it. The alternative would be to leave DC to the west on either VA-7 to Leesburg or I-270 to Frederic, then take US-15 to I-81 north to Scranton and pick up I-84 east into Massachusetts and only spend the last 75 miles or so on the Mass Pike.

    The scenic route (described southbound) will take closer to four full days, but is the way I would go if I took the above route once so as to include Washington on that leg. Again, I'd use I-90 and I-84 all the way to Scranton, but then continue westbound on I-80 (or US-6 if I had plenty of time and wanted a really relaxed drive) to northeastern Ohio west of Youngstown I-80 turns into I-76 (and vice versa) and connects with I-71 west of Akron. Take I-71 down to Columbus, I-270 around town to west then south, and I-70 west through Indianapolis to St. Louis. There, pick up I-44 down through the Ozarks to Oklahoma City (parts are toll), and finish up on I-35 south to Dallas.


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