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    Help please, first time road trippers from Australia. Planning 4 weeks on the road, hiring car in LA, heading up the West Coast to San Fran, over to Yosemite then to Las Vegas but not planning to stay there, ending in Crested Butte, Colorado with family. We haven't booked anything other than the plane fares and car - thought we would just wing it re accommodation, is that a good idea?
    We like walking so don't want too much time sitting in the car. Any advice on routes of interest would be gratefully received. We arrive in early August.

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    Default Such a wide choice of routes.

    Hi, and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    As a general rule, in August you should be able to wing it... but with one proviso. Anywhere near a major tourist attraction, such as Yosemite and over a holiday weekend, such as the first weekend in Sept - Labor Day - it would be most advisable to book.

    When visiting National Parks, especially the major ones, it is highly desirable to stay within the park if your budget will allow. It probably would already be too late for August, but if you go onto the NP website you may be able to pick up a cancellation. Check often, as accommodation within the park is much sought after. However, it would mean having your dates set.

    After Yosemite you could cross Death Valley, and if you are not interested in staying in LV, there really is no need to go there. You could cut over to Zion NP and Bryce NP. If you are interested in going to the Grand Canyon, you could then visit the North Rim, Monument Valley, Arches NP, Canyonlands and the scenic interstate, I-70. If the Grand Canyon is not on your list, you could drive the scenic Million Dollar Road - UT-12 - through Canyonlands and into Moab. Then visit Arches from there.

    You could drive down to the Four corners area - where you can stand in 4 States at once - through Monument Valley and head for Mesa Verda and a host of other great natural attractions in south western CO.

    Get out a good map, and see just how many National and State Parks and Monuments there are in that part of UT and CO, and see which interest you most. With a month, you pretty well could do most of them.


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    Default Going to skip Las Vegas? Why?

    Quote Originally Posted by Junejenks View Post
    thought we would just wing it re accommodation, is that a good idea?
    Generally, you will be fine without lodging reservations, but it can be tough to find lodging in tourist areas around the national parks. Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum! More on the reservations here.

    Why are you not planning to stay in Las Vegas? (RTA's home town). Best lodging options in the area.

    Four weeks to cover the distance is a great length of time.

    Here is a good line-up of different route suggestions for you.

    Enjoy the planning!


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    Thanks Mark, we are considering stopping in Vegas now, to see a couple of shows. Can you just rock up and book or do you have to book in advance? As you say we have plenty of time.
    Great website.

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    Thanks Lifey for your knowledgeable reply. We are still planning.

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