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  1. Default NY-->Atlanta in 24 hr with 3 kids!

    I know this probably goes against everything a roadtrip forum would stand for, but we need to drive rather directly from Long Island to Atlanta, leaving about 1-2 pm one day and arriving before 5 pm the next. :(

    As our kids are little, we are hoping to make this as enjoyable and painless as possible, and I'm hoping someone here can help!

    1) We would like to arrive at a hotel/motel at about 7-8 pm so that we get a normal night's sleep, so that means the bulk of the drive will be the second day. I figure letting the kids swim for a bit at the place we're staying will make up for the lack of fun stops along the way! We'd be in the car and ready to go the second day by 7 am.

    2) Although I know predicting exact traffic conditions is impossible, I'm thinking it'd be best to avoid long stretches of highway known to always be a problem, because we have the added bonus of a recently potty-trained child... :) I also think the kids would do better if we weren't stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Yes, even if this adds an hour or two to the total driving time.

    3) Any advice on good places to stop for bathroom breaks and to let the kids run around would be great.

    Thank you so much!

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    Welcome to RTA!

    Sometimes we have to do a road trip that is more rushed than smart, but with children along, you do want to be safe. Since it's an 880 mile trip, here is what I'd suggest:

    Route -- take I-78 to I-81 to I-77 to I-85. Interstates are going to be the fastest way to get somewhere, long as you avoid I-95 if possible!

    Overnight -- as you leave the first day, set the goal of Winchester VA (or a little further). It's about 300 miles, which is about 6 hours. If you are making good time, you could go a little further into Virginia, so that you will have less than 550 miles to go the following day. That's going to be a long haul day, so if you need to get in around 5 pm, then plan accordingly and leave early (6 am).

    Bathroom breaks -- interstates are good for restrooms, but only a few have playgrounds or someplace safe for kids to let off steam. Find a fast food place with a play area, drive through a town and find a city park, or (if you are doing fine with time), find a state park along the route. We learned that our kids were really good travelers and did not need a lot of extra run-around time as long as we promised a motel with a pool or playground when we pulled in for the night.


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    Default Rest areas abound where you can create your own fun.

    When on interstates, most rest areas will indicate when the next rest area is. Stop at one of these at least every two hours, and give the children (you don't say how old they are) a run around. All rest areas have a grass area, mostly with picnic tables, where the children can run free under supervision. It is usually well separated from the cars and trucks. Don't park right in front of the building where it is busiest. Some rest areas have playgrounds, but not many. However, if one of your pieces of luggage is a ball or frisbee, a good time can be had by all in 10 minutes or less.


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    Thank you both!! Very good advice, much appreciated. :)

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