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  1. Default Travelling from Toronto Canada to Disney World in August 2014

    Hi All, I am new to this forum. Please forgive me for asking this question because it might have been asked millions of time before.
    We have check-in in Disney world August 17, 2014. We are planning to drive so that we can see US states. I have read lots of adivce not to finish this trip in two days. We can take three days to reach Disney World. In that case we will travel 7-8 hours a day and then stop for night. I have one six your old kid and two adults with with me.
    I will appreciate your advice on routes and places for our stoppage for nights.
    Or can we just do in two days with only one night stay?
    I will really appreciate your advice.

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    Default The Trip vs. the Destination

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    If you were a professional long-haul driver with plenty of training and experience, and no one to worry about other than yourself, it would be illegal for you to try to drive from Toronto to Orlando in just two days. So clearly you should not be trying to do this as a neophyte with kids in tow. However, with three days you will have enough time to make the trip enjoyable with time for some entertaining stops not far off your route. I would encourage you to drive no more than about 450 miles a day so that the kids get several opportunities to get out and run around during the day - each day. With a route that is basically I-90 west from Buffalo to Erie, I-79 south to Charleston WV, I-77 south to Columbia SC, I-26 east to I-95 south, and finally I-4 into Orlando - and overnight stops around Charleston and Orangeburg SC you could have time for such stops. If there is a particular interest or hobby that particularly excites your children, let us know and perhaps we can help you make the drive down (and back) as memorable as the stay at Disney World.

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    AZBuck, thanks a lot for your advice. No, I will not dare to finish this trip in two days. I will looks for accommodations at Charleston and Orangeburg SC. Any suggestions for stay at these places?

    Secondly, would you recommend us to take i75 route on our return journey?
    Thanks for your help. Really appreciate it.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Yes, you might be able to do this trip in 2 days - but it wouldn't be much fun. You'd have to do close to 650 miles a day, which is a bit more than we typically recommend, especially on a trip with kids. You'd be looking at around 12+ hours each day. The direct route would be over to Buffalo, west on I-90 to Erie, I-79/US-19/I-77 all the way south to South Carolina, and I-95/I-4 into Orlando.

    If you did this as a 2 day trip, Hillsville, VA would be your halfway point and the point you'd need to stop. A much more comfortable way would be to do this in 2.5 days, stopping around Summersville WV and Savannah GA. Not far past Summersville is New River Gorge, and Savannah is a fun to explore all by itself.

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    Default Why (and What's) There

    Personally, if I were doing this trip with my grandsons, I'd probably take US-19 from Sutton WV to Beckley WV, to enjoy a bit of non-Interstate driving through the mountains and to avoid paying the toll on the West Virginia Turnpike. In which case I'd be looking for accommodations in Summersville and the chance to go to either Carnifex Battlefield State Park or Gauley River National Recreation Area in the evening before bedding down for the night. Similarly near Orangeburg, there's Santee State Park and Congaree National Park.

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    Any suggestions for stay at these places?
    Look to your right, see Roadtrip Travel? You can research hotels right there.

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    Thanks all for the advice.

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    Take it from me. My husband and I prefer to do less than 600 miles in a day. We felt the necessity to do 650 miles, last week, in one day, and it was BRUTAL. If we had a child in the car, it would have been even more brutal. The trip you are speaking of will be much more fun for everyone, in three days.

    How long are you staying at WDW? Are you planning to do just WDW, or take in Universal (or other area sites) too?


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    Donna, thanks for your advice. We will be staying 6 nights at WDW and then plan to visit Universal Studios and Kennedy Space Center.

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    Thanks all for your wonderful suggestions. I will appreciate your further advice for our trip back via I-75. Again we will take three days to arrive back in toronto. I will appreciate your suggestions for our stoppages.

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