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    We have 7 days to travel to Flagstaff (husband and I). We were thinking about Route 66 but looking at map and reading about different ways to, we would like to get input from others. We have always traveled east coast. We can even take longer driving if needed. Please give us some ideas of routes and what sites and places to stay along the way. Appreciate your time/posts

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    Default From where?

    Hi, and Welcome to the Great American RoadTrip Forum.

    We'd need to have some idea of where it is that your starting from, to be able to give any meaningful reply.

    Suffice to say that Route 66 was decommissioned decades ago. Most of it has been covered by interstates and other roads. There are however route 66 historical sites in cities along the way, and a few sections of the original road between Topock and Seligman in AZ.


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    Is that route 10. Is this better than route 66

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    It appears you know your area. My husband and I are driving to flagstaff and we have 5-6 days to get there. We will be living in flagstaff for 3 months. We are excited to make the drive with the best views/history/fun/ etc. please help?

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    Would be more than happy to help you figure out which route to take, if you could tell us where you're coming FROM. As a general rule, though, Flagstaff is located along I-40. If you are coming from the east, that's the route to take. Much of Route 66 is located under I-40's pavement, but there are patches of historic Route 66 along the entire route from St Louis, down I-44 onto I-40. If I were coming from New Jersey, I would take I-78 or I-80 (depends on where you are coming from in NJ) to I-81 and take that south to I-40. We just did that route, in reverse, about 3 years ago.

    I-10 goes considerably south of Flagstaff, is beautiful (and stark, in places) in its own right. We just drove along I-10 from Phoenix to Houston, and there is a variety of different climate zones and flora/fauna. If you were to take I-10, you'd have to cut north in Phoenix on I-17 to get to Flagstaff, or take the scenic route through Sedona.

    You were responding to someone who had started the thread back in 2010. I am not a moderator so I can't tell you if the person has been posting recently, but I can tell you that the name doesn't sound familiar to me.


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