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    Hey guys,

    So this is my first time posting and my first day even registered on the site!

    I got this idea ingrained in my head that I want to do a road trip from NYC (where) I live, to New Orleans. What had inspired this trip was that I recently went to the Midwest for the first time and realized whole I was there that even though I've lived in the U.S. all of my life, I have yet to see most of it.

    My goals for this trip would be to see the oddities of the southern states we pass through, as well as some of the less crowded tourist spots.

    At this point, I'm imagining 4 days for the trip down.

    I'm really inexperienced when it comes to planning road trips, so any suggestions on general route and some special spots you may know would really help me out.


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    Default And Back, Presumably

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The first thing to realize about any major RoadTrip to a destination and back is that you are not limited to the same route both ways because there is simply no single 'best' route. By taking different highways there and back you maximize the amount of new ground that you can cover. So if you can also spend about four days on the trip back then you can make a huge dent in seeing the South. As a basic example, you could take a route through the coastal states on the way down, and one back up the Mississippi and Appalachians on the way back. You will find new and uniquely Southern experiences along both routes. What those experiences should be would be entirely up to you, but here are 26 or so in each state.


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