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  1. Default Seeking someplace named "dylan"

    We're planning a roadtrip across the U.S., with a stop at cities which share our kids names. Having trouble finding a city named "Dylan", and Hibbing, MN is too far north for us on this trip. Maybe a street, village, café, something named Dylan . . . .? Any suggestions?

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    Default More detail may help.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Although I have no answer for you, I would suggest that you share a rough outline of your trip across America, as Hibbing being too far north, does still leave a lot of ground to cover in a country the size of the USA.

    If you were headed through Colorado, the name did make the wonderful drive over the continental divide at Loveland Pass on US 6 to Dillon come to mind.

    ( If you are staying in NY, there is a Dylan Candy bar on 3rd ave I just spotted using Google]

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    There's also a Dylan Hotel in NYC. Streets & Trips also has a bunch of Dylan and Dylan's restaurants and bars around the country.

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    Default A Few That Might Work

    I checked with the USGS data base of place names in the United States and there is, surprisingly, no town, area or feature named 'Dylan'. If New York City is on your itinerary, there are two possibilities: the Dylan Hotel on 42nd Street near the New York Public Library and Grand Central Terminal, or best of all Dylan's Candy Bar near 3rd Ave. and 60th St. On the other coast, there is a hotel near San Francisco International Airport called The Dylan. Hope one of those works out for you.


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    Default Great idea.

    I'm just tickled by the idea of creating a roadtrip around your children's names. What other themes have you used for roadtrips?


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