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    I will be driving from Dallas to Minneapolis during the memorial day weekend. My itinerary is:
    Day 1: leave Dallas in the afternoon, overnight stay in Wichita, KS
    Day 2: Full day travel, overnight stay in Des Moines, IA
    Day 3: Reach Minneapolis.

    Looking at the maps, it seems like 35N all the way. Is this a good/scenic route? Is there attractions along this way? Please suggest.


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    That's the most direct interstate route, and sensible overnight stops (I guess you'll use motels near interstate exits, rather than messing about in city centres?). You could save a few miles by using US69 as far as Kansas City (and stopping at somewhere such as Joplin instead of Wichita) but I don't think you'd save any time.

    It's all midwest flat farming country so AFAIK there's little or no scenery along the way but the experts here might have suggestions for other things to see.

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    Default I-35 North

    Quote Originally Posted by John259 View Post
    It's all midwest flat farming country so AFAIK there's little or no scenery ...
    That all depends on your perspective.

    Twin cities to Joplin is a route I have driven often, and still do. Rarely have I deviated from I-35 to KSC. Every time I drive through this region which supplies so much of the grain and beef for the rest of the country, I marvel at the resilience of the farmers, the diversity of the crops. It is the country of silos and barns and covered bridges. A small detour here and there would take you close to some of these. Many are marked on good quality paper maps, if you prefer planning rather than spontaneouty.

    I have also found the folk at Welcome Centres helpful with this infomation.


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    Your first two days have less than 400 miles each, and your third day has less than 300 miles. So you have time to check out some of the things along the way.

    Off the top of my head: both Truman Library (Independence, MO) and Eisenhower Library (Abilene KS) are not too far off your route. There is also the National Frontier Trails Center in Independence, MO, which is a really interesting museum for Lewis and Clark AND the Oregon Trail.


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