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    I'm looking for an alternate route rather than taking I-5 or the coast. I was thinking of going east on I-90 to Spokane or Idaho and then heading south. Any suggestions?

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    The direct route from Phoenix to Seattle actually doesn't use I-5, or go to California at all.

    The shorter route is to go straight up I-17/US-89 and pick up I-15 in Utah, then use I-84 and I-82 to Seattle. (Or the reverse, your title says Phx to Sea, but then you talk about going east then south?)

    An alternate from that would be to go to Vegas, take US-93 up through Nevada, and then pick up I-84 in Idaho.

    Those are just 2 direct options. There really are millions more possibilities depending upon the kind of time you have and what you are looking for out of the trip.

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    As often happens, it's a balance between the shortest route and more scenic but lengthier alternatives, and only you can decide.

    Spokane is quite a way east of the direct line. Sorry, I don't know how scenic the combination of US195 and US95 down to Ontario or Boise is compared with I-84.

    Another option would be to stay on I-90 but only until it crosses the Columbia east of Ellensburg, then use Wa243 beside the river, then Wa240 to connect with I-82 at the Tri-Cities before joining I-84 at Hermiston.

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    CindyT, how long do you have for this trip? Are you looking for the scenic or the fastest?

    Going down I-5 and across on I-10 is about 100 miles longer than using I-84. Though frankly, years ago that's how we went from Phoenix up to Seattle. It's 1400 miles to go the I-84 route, and 1500 to use I-5. Either way, without stopping to sightsee, that's a 3 day drive AT LEAST.


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    Your question is a little confusing. It sounds like you want to go from Seattle to Phoenix? As mentioned there are several routes. How much time do you have? Are you looking for scenic routes?

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    Thank you for your responses. I should be more clear about what I'm asking. I'm new to this board. I'm traveling alone with my small dog. I'm not on a time schedule coming home, Seattle to Phoenix. I am wanting something more scenic and was asking for some alternate routes. A couple of you mentioned going through Las Vegas and Utah. I don't want to go through Vegas, but was thinking Utah. Thank you also for mentioning the more direct route going N. To Seattle.

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    Your thread title says Phoenix to Seattle. Are you looking for recommendations to drive from Phoenix to Seattle, or Seattle to Phoenix, or both? If both, fastest one way? If so, which way? Scenic without time constraints? If so, which way?

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    It still would be helpful to have more information about your plan. Is this just a one way trip? You said you're not on a time schedue, but what are you thinking for the time you'd like to be on the road? If your time is actually unlimited you could really include anything in the american west. When will this trip take place? Summer comes late to a lot of places in the west, so that could also limit where you can go.

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    Default Stay east of the Grand Canyon.

    "I'm not on a time schedule..." is still very vague. do you have a week? a month? or more?

    If the idea of Utah interests you, but not Las Vegas, you could take I-15 to Cedar City, and then the spectacular route 12 through UT and on to Moab. Or you could take 89 from I-70 to Kanab and then east to Page. Another would be taking US191 from I-70 to I-40 or even further, before cutting accross to Phoenix. Actually any route which takes you east of the Grand Canyon can take you through UT and still avoid LV.

    Best thing you could do is get some good detailed maps of UT, WY, and ID, and check out all the options you have. On good maps, such as those published by AAA or Rand McNally, you will find that the scenic routes are marked with a dotted line.


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    Here's another option, southbound (Seattle to Phoenix):

    Spanish Fork
    US6, then shortly US89
    From Kanab, US89 or US89A and US89T to just north of the junction with US160

    That's around 1500 miles and obviously not as fast as an all-interstate route. It passes through some awesome country in Utah.

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